Runeheim Staff

Staff is responsible for everything from the personal plots for each attending character to the over arching plots for each season. Each character players encounter, each story twist they experience, and each puzzle they need to solve comes from the minds of the individuals below. We hope you enjoy the story we have written for you and we hope you survive.

Wyatt is the Director of Gothic: Runeheim and has been running tabletops and LARPs for most of his adult life. He worked as a Cleric for the Stragosa chapter of Gothic: the Lion Age and has been working with the Dev Team for several years. He’s excited to be running a full spectrum Gothic game for everyone to live out their Gothic dreams!
Denise had served as head of logistics at Alliance Seattle for several years. She was a previous player at Gothic: The Lion Age and has a strong interest in combat at LARP. She is looking forward to making Gothic: Runeheim challenging and interesting for all skill levels.
Mike started running table top RPGs over two decades ago and has been LARPing for about half that time. He served as a Cleric and Staff Member for the Stragosa chapter of Gothic: the Lion Age. With lasting excitement about Warfare, Rulership, City Building and the world economy, he is glad to work on a game which incorporates these systems.
Rey has been fascinated by tabletop RPGs since before they could read, and has developed an adoration for all forms of collaborative and cooperative storytelling. Gothic: The Lion Age was their first LARP, and they're excited to see things in their breadth from behind the scenes and to help players create wonderful and memorable stories.
Over the past ten years-when not spending her time cleverly disguised as a large gray cat, Becca has been an enthusiastic LARP participant. She looks forward to sharing her love of collaborative storytelling, moral quandaries, and unexpected adventures with the players of Runeheim.
Brain has been NPCing at numerous LARPs over the past few years including Seattle Alliance, Gothic: The Lion Age, Gothic: Age of Ashes, and Gothic: Lusiant. He is excited to grow his skills with the community and support Staff in their storytelling.


Norns are dedicated actors who assist Staff in shaping the world of Gothic: Runeheim by committing to playing NPCs long term and sometimes acting as important face NPCs. 

Tahni's experience with LARPing is Gothic: the Lion Age, where she became an NPC after the epic chain of events where her character died and became a Malefic. She enjoys helping other players tell stories by playing the monsters in those stories. She is excited to bring the kind of tension to game that drives player characters narratives forward.
Erika has been a LARPer for over 10 years and a costumer, role player, and general geek for much longer. When she isn't LARPing or working on garb, she works as an environmental scientist, does Burning Man, and bakes. She shares a home in Seattle with a partner, 3 cats, and a 12 foot tall skeleton.
This will be Heather's first roleplaying experience. She is interested in linguistics, history, and mythology. Her greatest passion is singing, and she loves all kinds of music, especially folk music. She is most excited to get to learn new things and meet new people!