Gothic: The Lion Age is a game of important decisions and how those decisions affect others.  Combat is meaningful, costs are personal, and characters are always being given the choice between what is right and what is easy.

Join others and create a character that is embedded into a richly designed setting.  Participate in a story that is personal and part of an ongoing narrative between other characters and your own at our monthly events.


Characters have strength of conviction that guides their actions and empowers their decisions. Your character’s devotions and commitments will come into conflict and be put to the test.


Combat has meaning in Gothic. It is not about random encounters or monster of the moment. Conflict stems from the values and choices of characters and organizations.


Camping with good friends and good food can be its own reward. The game site is atmospheric and inspiring, making the game a joy to just be at with your friends.

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Gothic returns... Some day!

Due to COVID-19 and current Washington State restrictions on large gatherings, Gothic: the Lion Age events are on hold indefinitely until it is safe for us to meet again. Stay safe and we miss you.

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