Gothic: Luisant

Even in the gloom, light persists.

In Gothic: Luisant, you will enter a story set on the outer bounds of Mankind’s civilization- one where the woods have not yet been tamed and the subsistence of you and your loved ones is a daily struggle against plague and famine, as well as creatures of the darkness.  Beset by dangers both seen and unseen, safety is most often found among your fellows. But beware – even your closest companions may not be what they appear.

How will you survive the Night? 

A new chapter begins...

Gothic: The Lion Age began as a tabletop game and evolved into a LARP which ran for five years, from 2014 to 2019. Now the story continues with Gothic: Luisant, which centers on a different location within the same setting and time period. Luisant is a Seattle-based LARP that emphasizes a character-driven roleplaying experience marked by meaningful choices and immersive roleplay. Your character’s beliefs, passions, and motivations drive conflict and triumph in deeply personal stories that are woven into the greater narrative of Luisant.