Luisant Mercantile Prices

Luisant Mercantile price list

The following list is only known to characters with the Mercantile skill. 

CommoditiesSoft Iron0g 0s 2c
CommoditiesSoft Wood0g 0s 2c
CommoditiesScrap Leather0g 0s 2c
CommoditiesVegetables0g 0s 2c
CommoditiesHemp0g 0s 2c
CommoditiesHerb0g 0s 2c
CommoditiesCoal0g 0s 2c
CommoditiesSalt0g 0s 2c
CommoditiesHard Iron0g 0s 6c
CommoditiesHard Wood0g 0s 6c
CommoditiesHeavy Leather0g 0s 6c
CommoditiesMeat0g 0s 6c
CommoditiesWool0g 0s 6c
CommoditiesStone0g 0s 6c
CommoditiesSilver Coin0g 1s 0c
CommoditiesHoney0g 1s 0c
ComponentsBowstring0g 0s 8c
ComponentsBracing0g 1s 2c
ComponentsCandles0g 3s 4c
ComponentsCharcoal0g 0s 2c
ComponentsCoils0g 0s 4c
ComponentsFramework0g 2s 0c
ComponentsGarment0g 2s 6c
ComponentsGears0g 0s 8c
ComponentsGlass0g 1s 0c
ComponentsGreatblade0g 3s 4c
ComponentsHaft0g 1s 4c
ComponentsHandle0g 0s 4c
ComponentsHardened Wedge0g 2s 0c
ComponentsHarness0g 0s 8c
ComponentsHilt0g 1s 0c
ComponentsInk0g 1s 0c
ComponentsJewelry1g 1s 6c
ComponentsJoints0g 1s 0c
ComponentsLight Armor Piece0g 1s 4c
ComponentsLinen0g 0s 6c
ComponentsLining0g 2s 0c
ComponentsLinks0g 0s 6c
ComponentsLongblade0g 1s 6c
ComponentsMedium Armor Piece0g 4s 4c
ComponentsPadding0g 0s 8c
ComponentsPlank0g 0s 6c
ComponentsPlate0g 1s 6c
ComponentsPouch0g 1s 0c
ComponentsSheaf of Paper0g 1s 4c
ComponentsShortblade0g 1s 0c
ComponentsSilver Bar0g 10s 0c
ComponentsStock0g 2s 0c
ComponentsStrap0g 0s 4c
ComponentsWedge0g 0s 6c
ComponentsWeight0g 0s 6c
ComponentsRope0g 0s 8c
Goods2-handed axe0g 5s 6c
Goods2-handed hammer0g 4s 2c
GoodsAlarm0g 1s 0c
GoodsApothecary Tools0g 2s 6c
GoodsAxe0g 1s 6c
GoodsBalanced Throwing Knife0g 3s 0c
GoodsBandage [x4]0g 1s 4c
GoodsBarbed Arrows (10)0g 3s 6c
GoodsBarrel0g 2s 2c
GoodsBarrel of Wine0g 1s 6c
GoodsBed Drapes0g 11s 6c
GoodsBedding0g 2s 6c
GoodsBlacksmithing Tools0g 2s 6c
GoodsBlade Repair Kit0g 1s 0c
GoodsBlade Trap0g 5s 4c
GoodsBodkin Arrows (10)0g 3s 6c
GoodsBook0g 6s 4c
GoodsBow0g 3s 8c
GoodsBroadhead Arrows (10)0g 4s 0c
GoodsBroadsword0g 4s 2c
GoodsCarpentry Tools0g 2s 6c
GoodsCask of Spirits0g 2s 0c
GoodsChest0g 3s 6c
GoodsClean, Stitch & Press Kit0g 1s 0c
GoodsClub0g 1s 0c
GoodsCrafter’s Apron0g 4s 4c
GoodsDagger0g 1s 6c
GoodsDark Cloak0g 2s 6c
GoodsDevice Repair Kit0g 0s 8c
GoodsDoll0g 1s 6c
GoodsDoor Trigger0g 2s 4c
GoodsFalchion0g 4s 2c
GoodsFalx0g 1s 6c
GoodsField Arrows (10)0g 1s 2c
GoodsFine Boots0g 2s 2c
GoodsFine Tent0g 9s 0c
GoodsFirearm Repair Kit0g 2s 2c
GoodsFolding Fan0g 3s 0c
GoodsForestry Tools0g 1s 4c
GoodsGreatsword0g 6s 4c
GoodsHaft Repair Kit0g 1s 0c
GoodsHalberd0g 5s 0c
GoodsHatchet0g 1s 4c
GoodsHidden Pocket0g 0s 4c
GoodsHouse Livery0g 7s 6c
GoodsHunting Tools0g 1s 4c
GoodsIncense0g 1s 2c
GoodsKeg of Beer0g 1s 4c
GoodsKey0g 0s 4c
GoodsKite Shield0g 5s 6c
GoodsKnife0g 1s 6c
GoodsLarge Pack0g 3s 4c
GoodsLathe0g 4s 2c
GoodsLeather Buckler0g 3s 2c
GoodsLight Armor Set0g 9s 0c
GoodsLight Repair Kit0g 1s 0c
GoodsLock (advanced) + 2 keys0g 4s 6c
GoodsLock (basic) + 2 keys0g 1s 4c
GoodsLongsword0g 6s 4c
GoodsMace0g 1s 6c
GoodsMakeup0g 2s 8c
GoodsMedium Armor1g 4s 2c
GoodsMedium Armor Repair Kit0g 1s 0c
GoodsMerchant’s Attire0g 12s 6c
GoodsMining Tools0g 1s 4c
GoodsNeedleworking Tools0g 2s 6c
GoodsPike0g 4s 0c
GoodsRasp0g 0s 6c
GoodsRound Shield0g 2s 0c
GoodsRug0g 4s 6c
GoodsSabre0g 4s 2c
GoodsSap0g 1s 6c
GoodsSeating0g 2s 4c
GoodsShield Repair Kit0g 1s 0c
GoodsShiv0g 1s 0c
GoodsSilver Leonem0g 11s 6c
GoodsSmall Pack0g 1s 8c
GoodsSmallclothes0g 3s 0c
GoodsSpear0g 2s 6c
GoodsSpinning Wheel0g 4s 0c
GoodsStaff0g 1s 6c
GoodsSurveyor’s Gear0g 1s 4c
GoodsSuspensions0g 0s 4c
GoodsTable0g 4s 0c
GoodsThieves’ Tools0g 1s 6c
GoodsThrowing Knife0g 1s 4c
GoodsTome0g 9s 6c
GoodsTower Shield0g 8s 6c
GoodsTrip Hammer0g 3s 6c
GoodsWarsword0g 6s 4c
GoodsWooden Leonem0g 0s 6c
GoodsWriting Kit0g 8s 0c
GoodsPerserved Food0g 2s 0c
GoodsSmall Herb Bag0g 1s 4c
GoodsLarge Herb Bag0g 4s 6c