Luisant Accessibility and Accomodation Policy

Luisant Accessibility and Accomodation Policy

Gothic: Luisant strives to provide disabled players an accessible game with a basis in player agency.

Sleeping Arrangments

Sleeping arrangements are determined before each game event by a volunteer via the facebook page. Players may request to be in a specific cabin with specific people (which will be honored when feasible) or may choose to be in a randomly assigned bed. You will know where you are sleeping before the event. 

Safe hours are from 2am to 8am. During this time, no combat or PVP may be done inside cabins and staff will not enter player sleeping spaces unprompted unless it is for an Out of Game reason.

Out of Game Sleeping

Players who require out of game sleeping arrangements are welcome to stay in the medical cabin. This cabin remains Out of Game for the duration of the event and can be used to take a moment out of game uninterrupted if needed or for out of game sleeping at any hour. Staff will not enter this cabin in character unless prompted. 

If a player requires out of game sleeping with a specific group of people and the medical cabin is full, an accommodation can be requested to make any room a medical room.


Gothic: Luisant can provide in-cabin check in to disabled players at no additional cost. Check in can be done on one’s phone via the site wifi, and a staff member will be arranged to bring you any items or documents you may need to get from logistics. Please send Staff a ticket at least 24 hours before the game event, if possible, to arrange this.


In an effort to make the game more accessible to players who cannot safely engage in our medium-touch combat system, Gothic: Luisant has designated three types of zones within the site: Contact, Non-Contact, and Non-Combat, using our Non-Contact Combat system described below.

This policy exists in two parts: the Out of Character Safety Rules defined below, and your character’s In Game knowledge about what kinds of danger levels they can expect to encounter in different areas.

Gothic: Luisant utilizes an opt-in contact system. This means that unless you are specifically marked as a combatant, you will not be physically engaged in combat by either PCs or NPCs. Full contact players should be clearly marked by a salmon-pink pointed belt flag and/or armband, and non-contact players should be clearly marked by a pale blue square belt flag and/or armband.


If you are unsure if someone is a full-contact player, you may confirm by calling ‘Contact?’ If the player is a full-contact player they will reply with ‘Yes’. Non-contact players will respond with ‘No’.

Non-Contact Rules

Point at the character you wish to engage and call “Strike”. They may call an applicable Defense.

Contact Zones

Contact Zones are defined as any outdoor area. Players who are marked as combat characters may be attacked using the Full-Contact system after visual confirmation by the aggressor that they are marked as combat characters. 

Players who are marked as non-contact characters may be engaged using the Non-Contact system as usual, after visual confirmation by the aggressor that they are marked as non-contact characters. 

In a situation, such as after dark, where it is not possible to make an accurate visual confirmation, the aggressor may use a call of ‘Contact?’ to which a ‘Yes/No’ response indicates the target’s preference.

Example: Lucy, a non-contact player, is walking through the woods after dark. A Werewolf wishes to ambush Lucy, but cannot visually discern her combat status.

To make sure they are engaging safely, the Werewolf requests that their NPC handler, Bill, Out of Character ascertain Lucy’s combat status.

Bill catches up to Lucy on the path and asks ‘Contact?’ while the Werewolf gets into position. Lucy says ‘No’, to indicate her non-contact status. 

The Werewolf growls and emerges, calling Strike. At this point, Lucy may choose to call a Defense if she has one, and either stand her ground or flee. 

All combatants are responsible for ensuring that they are not physically engaging a non-contact character, and physically striking a non-contact character is considered a Safety Violation.

Non-Contact Zones

Non-Contact Zones are defined as any indoor area, such as the tavern, player cabins, etc. Combat taking place in a Non-Contact Zone exclusively uses Gothic’s Non-Contact rules. If such combat becomes unsafe through rapid movement of the participants or for any other reason, it may be moved outside with a call of ‘Safety’.

Non-Combat Zones

Non-Combat Zones encompass any player-occupied cabin during Safety Hours (2-8 am). While in a Non-Combat Zone, no combat of any kind may take place.

In Game Cultural Knowledge

All inhabitants of Luisant are keenly aware that the greatest dangers the region holds can be found in the woods and surrounding fields, particularly across the little bridge that separates the tavern from the woods. Any brave soul or intrepid gatherer who ventures into the darkness of the forest knows that they are likely to come into contact with the slavering undead, malicious spirits, or other threats. 

Conversely, the Feasting Grounds occupied by the Dragonfly and its surrounding areas are known to be pleasant and well-guarded. Danger is rarely seen in these areas unless the town is faced by significant threat.

Accessible Gathering Nodes

Gothic: Luisant utilizes an in-game sight hunt system for gathering resources such as herbs, wood, and metal ore which can then be made into in-game items via the crafting system. In an effort to make this hunting system accessible, staff will be placing some of the Gathering Nodes close to the tavern and player cabins, and in flat easily accessible portions of the surrounding area. These nodes should be preferentially left for players who require them.

We strive to give disabled players agency in their game, but recognize that we cannot anticipate the needs of every individual. If these policies do not meet your specific needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to staff and we would love to help accommodate you further!