Gothic: Runeheim

The stars are unseen
Until darkness falls
So, too, with men

This is Runeheim. Frontline of the war for the soul of Njordr.

Three years ago, the Markgrafin Vindicta Dragomir and Earl Vidar Overturner traveled to the center of the empire and returned with two great armies to renew the war of occupation in Njordr.  While Overturner secured Njordr’s capital for King Einsland, Dragomir pushed north to the very border of civilized lands and built a keep, the Strafanstalt, at the ancient settlement of Runeheim at the mouth of the river Kaltlina.

Now black cloaked Gothic levies patrol the ancient lanes while carefully avoiding their allies of obligation, the proud White Eyes clan.  The White Eyes and other Cold Throne Njords sharpen their axes, drink and boast while waiting for the next glorious battle to prove themselves. A shipwrecked crew of the Hestrali Guild operates a general store from their beached ship while telling horrifying stories of massive serpents that infest the Sea of Coils. Knights of the Throne lean over maps and debate their next moves. Good folk work themselves to exhaustion to support the war effort by gathering food and supplies, forging swords and spears, and sewing warm coats.  Less good folk look for opportunities to take advantage and make their own fortune.

The runes of the Great Menhir begin to glow and burn in mysterious patterns. Ancient Malefic rise from ruins and tombs uncovered by new construction and treasure seekers. Outside the settlement, Wise Ones of the Rime Clans exhort and bless their corrupted war bands as they cross the Kaltlina to savage and enslave the southern occupiers. Their longboats and torches bring feelings of dread and doom to all who see them. Rumors of dwarven armies marching above ground begin to spread. The skalds see an ill omen in the frost that lasted longer this year than any other.

Whether newly arrived or native to this land, Runeheim needs Heroes.  Runeheim needs you.

Runeheim is a setting within the world of Gothic: The Lion Age, a live action roleplaying (LARP) game run in the Pacific Northwest, with players from Seattle to Portland. In Runeheim, you will take on a role of your choice and immerse yourself in a medieval fantasy-horror world where you can build a second life with new friends and family, defend yourself from monsters and bandits, learn dark mystical secrets, just try to survive and stay sane, or even build an empire. 

Gothic: Runeheim is your opportunity to tell your personal story in a richly detailed dark fantasy world where your every decision matters. We want to provide each of our players with their own unique experience, whether it be that of a brave Njord warrior struggling to reunite his fractured family, or a mage seeking ancient truths best left buried, or a miner who found his fortune only to be haunted by a dark entity he disturbed below the earth. We want to bring you the story and struggle that you are asking for, and provide real meaningful challenges for you to overcome… or not. The possibility of failure is what brings victory its meaning.

Whether you are a returning Gothic player or brand new, we want to make it easy for you to jump in and engage. Our systems are designed and implemented to allow our staff to take most of the burden and leave you to act and react as your character would in a fully immersive world.

One of the amazing things that sets Gothic apart from other LARPs is the interconnected world from the smallest scope to the largest. In the world of Gothic, a single farmer committing his crop to the war effort can make or break a battle fought miles away, and that battle can define the history of a nation. We hope to build on that principle and deliver you a game where whether you’re a woodsman, tailor, lord or mage, you can watch the events unfold and see how your actions mattered.

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