Game Themes

Game Themes

Gothic: Runeheim is a strongly themed game. This means the plot, NPCs, mechanics, and setting elements have been designed to present certain concepts and to support player exploration of certain questions and ideas. Knowing these themes will help you know what to expect in Runeheim. We encourage players to consider these themes when designing characters and exploring the setting.

Choices and Consequences

Your characters will have to make many decisions about the Njordr conflict and Runeheim – and few of these choices will be easy to make. These decisions will define the character’s story and will have long-term consequences for the character and the setting. Characters will often need to choose between their values in deciding what is truly most important to them or society.

Tradition and Reform

The Cold Throne has been the epicenter of Njord and Throne conflict for decades. The Rimeclan Njords are faced with the ever encroaching Throne that threatens their way of living. Some of these changes may be positive and characters may embrace them as a new part of Njord culture. Other reforms are aimed to subjugate and assimilate Njordr into The Throne. The Cold Throne Njords also face these changes from the Throne and Runheim will make characters explore the traditions and culture that they wish to remain – and those worthy of leaving behind.

A Time of War

Runeheim is the Northern front of the war in Njordr and faces the grave threats and hardships of war. Character actions within Runeheim will impact the warfront in Njordr – assistance, negotiations, Throne conflict and combat are choices characters will have to navigate to end the war in Njordr. 

Characters will be confronted by plots that potentially oppose their own ambitions in Runeheim. The Throne has taken a stance against the Rimeclans and will do what it must to conquer the north. Characters have the ability to affect these plots with their actions – blackmail, threats, contracts and agreements may sway these individuals.

The Price of Power

Player characters are the heroes of the story in Runeheim and what sort of hero they wish to be will be up to you. Allies and enemies are abundant in Runeheim, the choice of which a character pursues is up to them. House Dragomir and The Throne offer power to the Cold Throne if they can settle the civil conflict with the Rimeclans but the cost to Njordr will be great. 

The Old Gods are a source of great power in the Njordr but their assistance is never given freely. The Rimeclans, filled with despair and pushed to the brink have started allying themselves with the Old Gods exchanging atrocities for power to survive the war. Characters will interact with the Rimeclan’s choices to bring the force of the Old Gods against The Throne.

Dark secrets and Lore

Njordr holds many secrets hidden high within the frozen mountain tops and deep unexplored caverns. Characters find themselves in lands once home to witchkings and giants and may pursue attempting to explore this history. Though, some forces may wish these secrets to remain so and knowledge, while powerful, often comes at a price.