Chapter 10

Lion Age 609 – Late Spring
22-24 March 2024

Chapter 11

Lion Age 609 – Early Summer
17-19 May 2024

Chapter 12

Lion Age 609 – Late Summer
12-14 July 2024

Chapter 13

Lion Age 609 – Early Fall
6-8 September 2024

Chapter 14

Lion Age 609 – Late Fall
29-1 November 2024

Weekend LARPing Logistics

Gothic: Runeheim is a weekend-long experience, and players will be expected to maintain and roleplay their character the entire time, except for specific times when discussing game rules operations with Staff and in private places like the bathroom or other out of game areas.

Where to sleep

The Middleground game site has both cabins and outdoor camping options. There will be an announcement to the Gothic: Runeheim Facebook group where Staff will coordinate with players for sleeping arrangements. Due to Covid-19 precautions, sleeping locations will be assigned to quarantine pods on request.

Before Attending

  • Players must submit their character for approval a minimum of four weeks before the first game they will play with that character and look for staff feedback needed to approve characters.
  • An approved character is required to play Gothic: Runeheim, unless the player intends to volunteer as an NPC. 
  • Inform Staff of any special accommodations needed for medical reasons via ticket prior to attending.
  • Purchase a game ticket.

What to bring

  • Character costume, appropriate representations for in-game items, and boffer safe weapons (if needed).
  • Bedding suited to the weather. While most indoor spaces have heaters at Middleground, the night can still get cold.
  • Changes of clothes/socks, hygiene items, and other comfort items (enough for the whole weekend.)
  • Gothic: Runeheim features a meal plan (which can be purchased), but other food in suggested for times outside of normal meal hours.
  • A flashlight with an orange or red light filter.
  • Proof of vaccination

Once you arrive at site unload your belongings into your assigned sleeping space and then promptly park your vehicle in the designated parking area. 

Logistics will open around 6pm where you will:

  • Receive in game items & downtimes
  • Show proof of vaccination
  • Safety check weapons