Common Herbs

Common Herbs of Runeheim

Countless varieties of herbs grow within the forest, with endless secrets to offer the educated. There are some few staples of apothecary’s recipes that grow in abundance, however, and offer reliable sources of the forest’s medicine.

These herbs, unlike the infinitely varied wildflowers, produce consistent effects and are always recognizable by their uniform structures (props used.)

Siren’s Caress

Apathetic Intoxicant Pleasant

Red flowers bloom near streams and rivers in the spring in Njordr. It is said that sirens leave them as a welcoming to wayward travelers. Consuming the herb makes the strongest of warriors suggestible to their song and easier to lure to their demise in the frigid waters. 

Common Use

Bard’s Roulette
Added to the drinks of raiders returning home to offer solace for their brethren lost and misery brought on by the serpents of the sea. One must be careful though, as those who imbibe this drink are just as easily swayed to brawl in the tavern by a bard’s heroic tale.

Sweet Spite

Clarifier Clarifier Immune Shock

Ura, enraged, turned a village refusing her sacrifice into plants to be trampled upon. They were made into a sweet-smelling plant that when man did tread upon them, they would fill the area with a wonderful fragrance reminding them of her power.

Common Use

Sla Powder
Rendered down the herb produces a potent powder that upon being inhaled can injure the mightiest of foes. 


Fortifier Fortifier Purger

Folklore tells us that if you hang Eljunseed in your home, it would ward off malific. While burning it is said to curse those who light it. 

Common Use

Eljunseed cakes
Eljunseed cakes are used medicinally as a laxative. It is common knowledge that they should otherwise not be consumed for food, not matter how hungry one might go in the winter. 

Perishing Ferns

Focus Aid Restorative Antidote

These plants have a ghastly superstition attached to them, that they prey upon the dead who lie upon their lushes fronds. And are often found at the location of the deceased or graveyards.

Common Use

Sailing Sweets
Perishing Ferns have been used as a pot herb or in cooling drinks for their restorative nature. The ferns can be candied to consume later during rugged travels on the Sea of Coils.

Svaes’ Slumber

Paralytic Depressant Soporific

It is said that it is an invention of Sveas the Frost Taker; those who eat this gift are said to have visions of her foretelling their death. Many are left with lasting psychosis should they live through this vision.

Common Use

These berries have no common use. Only advanced apothecaries or poisoners have a notable interest in these.

Maiden’s Love

Restorative Stimulant Hallucinogen

Young people, as a divination, pull from its stalk one of the yellow berries and lay it in a secret place where no human eye can see it. They then think through the day, and dream through the night, of their beloved one. Upon looking at the berry the next day, if it has turned blue the the anxious sweetheart may expect success in love; but if not, disappointment.

Common Use

Morning’s Freshness
Used by raiders to stay awake for days across the tundra, feeling a restful nights freshness. The well of energy and quick travel is often accompanied by an obsession for their destination.

Shy Rosa

Nimblemind Steroid Foul

The plant yields few leaves during the whole year, but if a branch is cut off and placed in water, it grows green and produces an abundance of leaves within hours. 

Common Use

Bitter Insight
When prepared properly the minds of those that drink it blossom just like the Shy Rosa.

Cliff Jumpers

Stimulant, Neurotoxin, Hallucinogen

Cliff Jumpers look identical to their palatable relatives, only to be discerned by the most skilled survivalists. Found high in the mountains of Njordr they receive their name for their stimulating hallucinogenic effects causing the desperate who eat them to wander (or jump) off cliff faces.

Common Use

Communing Tea
Wise Ones used to distill this down into the bitter tea given to those asking for assistance to better see the sacrifice required by the Old Gods. 

Youthful Joy

Nimblemind, Depressant, Mindburner 

A legend tells us that  women believed the caps of youthful joy could help them look young and beautiful forever. All they had to do was, in spring under direct moonlight, apply it to their naked body or it wouldn’t work.

Common Use

 These fungi are rarely used by the unskilled but may be refined for use by the discerning apothecary. 

Laughing Giants

Anesthetic Addictive Fortifier

These plants are depicted in imagery of giants and were a highly sought after delicacy due to their addictive nature. The warriors of Njordr consume them for their ability to give an edge is battle and often laugh at their enemy’s futile attempts to best a Njord, just like the giants of old.

Common Uses

Warrior’s Delight
Much like in tales of giants these herbs are common for the warriors of Njordr. After consumed they are strengthened and no pain can deter the warrior from battle.