Runeheim Warfare

Runeheim Warfare

Commanders in Runeheim are uniquely engaged in the war effort.  On Sunday mornings at events, Commanders will meet one final time, representative of them riding out to command their troops or give their final orders.  This is not a strategy meeting, and most decisions should be made before this.  At this meeting, commanders will have the opportunity to give their Orders for each Phase in turn.  

Beginning with the Morale 5 Phase, all commanders (including enemy commanders run by staff) with Morale 5 will quickly record their orders on a special form, indicating the Force they’re Ordering, the Order, the target of the Order, and whether or not they want their results communicated with the other present commanders.  The forms are then drawn and resolved in random order.  

Orders for commanders who have indicated they are communicating will be processed openly and what they see within their surveillance range will also be communicated.  We will be representing this on a large map with unique tokens for each Force.  Non-communicating commanders will be taken aside briefly and told their results.  The only exception to this is battles, which are always run in the open as survivors flee from the battle and inevitably reveal its results.  

After all Orders in Morale Phase 5 are complete, Orders for Morale Phase 4 will be written and resolved and so on.  Our hope is that the above gives commanders more satisfying agency in the warfare minigame.  For those who cannot attend or must leave the event early, they may either write all their Orders in advance or designate a proxy to act on their behalf.

Finally, the decision to Wage War is one that may be taken by any commander at any time, including in reaction to their Force being embattled.