The Nornir

The Nornir

The Nornir are the curators of fate, the crafters of legends, the guides of destiny. In legend these Jotunn maidens took the helm of the world, and steered it- for good or ill- towards future and greater purpose. 

Runeheim staff is actively seeking Norns, community members who are passionate storytellers ready to help craft the fate of the world. Members of the Nornir will use their acting skills to give life to the world of Runeheim creating a dynamic and reactive world for players to explore dark and heroic themes alike. 

As a Norn, you will attend events free of charge and automatically be provided a delicious meal plan. You may also be cast as one or two unique ‘face’ NPCs allowing for continuity and realism to shape the Runeheim narrative. Nornir will have agency when portraying these face NPC characters, which will offer a different experience than traditional on-off NPC shifts. 

In addition to attending events free of charge, Nornir will receive full event XP on a new or existing character, including one Personal Victory per event, and an increasing amount of Glory for each consecutive event you stay with us. 

If you are interested in joining the Nornir, or have any questions- we eagerly await your tickets.