Food and Nourishment

Luisant depends on its hunters and gatherers to harvest the bounty of the forest and feed the town each season.  Food is traditionally collected and distributed by House Beauchene, who ensure that everyone gets an equal share. 

To prevent the town from going hungry over the period between Events, 2 Units of Food per character, including Wards, must be gathered and turned in at the Storehouse (Logistics), where it will be prepared to be distributed to households. 

If the food stores are short of the amount necessary to comfortably feed everyone, extreme rationing measures must be put into place by House Beauchene, leaving people sickly and weak. All characters start with the Exhausted condition at the next Event and may not become Comfortable. This consequence can be avoided on an individual basis by immediately turning in 3 Preserved Food to the Storehouse at the start of game. Survival 2 provides immunity to this effect, although it does not protect Wards from the consequences of malnutrition.