House Beauchene

House Beauchene

Coat of Arms: A swooping owl with a burning acorn at its breast.
Maxim: Rooted in Fear
Home: Luisant
Keep: The Owl’s Nest

House Beauchene established its presence somewhat recently in Luisant, having come to the village only two or three generations ago. Many noble Houses have come and gone to the little town, but only House Beauchene has truly taken root, having ruled there for far longer than any other noble.

Some attribute the success of House Beauchene to the presence of nearby House Kreuzmoor.  Some say that House Beauchene was established to strengthen the border between Kreuzmoor and Cappacionne. 

Beauchene has somewhat successfully bridged the gap between the traditional and modern views in the village. As nobles of the Throne, they are of course Benalian – but they turn a blind eye to some of the “traditional” practices that are viewed as more ‘harmless’ among the townsfolk, and do not press hard on demanding explicit oaths of fealty.

The Owl's Nest

Although tiny by the standards of the Great Houses, the Owl’s Nest is the largest building in Luisant, and is considered one of the prides of the village. It is a relatively new stone construction, boasting towers and defensible walls. It houses many of the Gentry class. 

The Owl’s Nest stands on a small hill overlooking the village itself, about a mile from the Feasting Grounds.