Luisant Staff

Luisant Staff

Meet our team! They’re the apple of our collective eye.


Paul C. (He/They)

Paul has been larping for ten years, and has been a Senior Staffer at Gothic: the Lion Age since shortly after it was founded. 

As Head of Staff at Gothic: Luisant, Paul is excited about creating powerful interpersonal scenes and atmospheric spooky props. When not actively running game, they can be found haunting the woods in true cryptid fashion. 

Magdalen A. (She/Her)

Magdalen has been in the larp scene for five years, three of those years having been spent as senior staff at Gothic: The Lion Age.

As co-Head of Staff for Gothic: Luisant, Magdalen values the community-building potential that LARPs hold, and the joy of collaborative creation between staff and players. She takes an active role in handling logistics both on and off site and plays roles that will later be revealed. 

Magdalen goes by Lurian in the Gothic ticketing system.

Andrew W. (/)

Josh R. (He/Him)

Josh has been LARPing for 16 years is experienced LARP staffer with broad knowledge of System, Setting, and Game Design. 

As Senior Staff for Gothic: Luisant, Josh is focused on producing trials, narratives, and props to improve player engagement and experiences. 

Josh can be found playing Ludovic, Luisant’s resident Earth Mage.

Josh goes by Andrughal in the Gothic ticketing system.

Aaron b. (He/Him)

Danielle M. (They/Any)

Danielle has been a LARP community member for 13 years, and is a lifelong roleplay gamer and melee combat enthusiast. They have served as plot, guild member, writer, and prop maker for several LARPs and combat societies, and have attended many more as a player. They are also on staff at our sister game Gothic: Runehiem

As prop lead Danielle strives to provide scenes with deeper sensory immersion and visual interest.  Danielle also strives to support and grow the community both IG and OOG, and is always looking for ways to get new and returning players involved. 

As an indigenous, autistic, queer, polyamorous, and gender fluid person Danielle deeply considers representation and access for gamers of all kinds

Alex T. (/)