Luisant Safety Rules

Luisant Safety Rules

Notice of sensitive themes: Gothic: Luisant utilizes many themes, some of which may be sensitive for players. Possible themes include sexual violence, death, torture, forced conversion, child death, among others. Character Creation will involve a section where you can disclose any themes that you do not wish to engage with, which staff will keep on file and reference as they write your personal plotline. If you wish to change this at any time, you can do so by contacting Staff via the ticketing system. 
Gothic: Luisant staff strive to create an atmosphere of horror, suspense, and fear for characters, and a safe, fun, accessible environment for players. Please be advised that encountering this atmosphere is part of the experience of Gothic: Luisant and will frequently be present. 

COVID Policy

Gothic: Luisant staff requires all players to present their vaccination card either via a ticket before their first game or at check in their first game and provide proof of a negative COVID test taken within the last 24 hours prior to attending each game.

Contagious Illness

Staff requires that players who are ill with contagious conditions such as the flu, strep throat, mononucleosis, or any other viral or bacterial infection that may be passed to other people via air borne pathogen or casual contact refrain from attending game until they are no longer contagious. We ask that players exercise reasonable judgement if they are not certain whether they are currently contagious.

Safety Call

Any player or staff member may call “Safety!” at any time to halt game action because of an unsafe condition.  Everyone who hears the “Safety” call should repeat the call until action stops and the dangerous situation can be resolved.  This sometimes can involve moving unsafe material out of the way, moving away from dangerous terrain, assisting someone with an injury, or even just taking a moment to avoid a panic attack in a crazy situation.  Again, Safety may be called in any situation for any reason if you feel there is a safety or emergency concern.  Only the person who called “Safety” should resume the action, once they feel the situation is resolved.  Various other small OOC calls such as “watch your swing” or “check your footing” can be used as necessary to avoid danger but still keep the action moving.

Fade to Black

Sensitive and controversial topics may be encountered in Gothic: Luisant plots. The setting is intended to be one of difficult moral choices against a setting that is dark and emotional at times. It is the players’ responsibility to inform Staff if they encounter something which is too disturbing for them, and that they need to take a break from. At any time a player may opt to “Fade to Black.” In this event, scenes may be narrated, or you may surrender your PC sheet to a staff member to take over for you, as the situation warrants. While we do want the game to evoke emotions and character-focused choices, everyone has limits. If a scene includes something that is triggering for you, please feel free to call a Fade to Black and excuse yourself from the scene. 

Sexual Scenes and In Character Sexual Consent

If a sex scene between two characters is taking place, regardless of whether it is consensual In character or not, you must pause the scene and go to logistics where you will separately log consent with a staff member. This is to allow people who are feeling coerced or otherwise uncomfortable a safe environment to decline consent. This is also applicable to staff. 

Romance with staff npcs is possible, however some staff may not be comfortable with running sexual scenes. At the beginning of a romance plot, staff will have a discussion with the player involved to determine what is possible and if both parties are comfortable with sexual scenes. If one party is not comfortable, no sexual scenes will occur. This may be changed at any point with another discussion between staff and the player. Spontaneous sexual scenes may be run by some staff members with consent of the involved player(s), in which case the sexual consent logging is still applicable.

Weapons Guidelines

Gothic does not use an explicit set of weapons safety standards.  Any weapon, even one that passes specific objective safety standards, may be used in an unsafe manner.  Instead, every player is responsible for conducting themselves safely at all times during the event. During your check-in, Staff will perform a rudimentary safety check of any weapons you may bring for use, and may disqualify weapons which look extremely difficult to use safely in the frantic situations you may find yourself in.  Ultimately, using your equipment safely is your own solemn responsibility, and complaints of hits that feel too hard, regardless of the weapon details, will result in Safety Warnings or Safety Violations.

We do enforce specific safety restrictions for ranged ammunition such as arrows.  We do not allow homemade LARP arrows, and any ranged ammunition must have a head that is larger than a human eye-socket.  Arrows that are damaged, breaking or broken should be discarded.

Combat Safety

Gothic: Luisant is a medium-touch game. Weapon strikes should be hard enough to be felt, and light enough to not cause pain or injury. Players are expected to engage in combat with safety in mind. For further information on accessibility and Out of Character rules regarding combat, please read our Accessibility and Accomodation Policy.

In order to keep Gothic: Luisant a safe and fun environment, the following moves are prohibited in physical combat.

  • Machine-gunning (excessively rapid strikes, pulling back less than 90 degrees per swing).
  • Shots or hits to the head, groin, hands and feet.
  • Point-blank shots with arrows (within 20 feet). Within 20 feet, instead nock an arrow, aim without drawing for 5 seconds, call “Strike”, then un-nock the arrow. Repeat for each shot.
  • Physical combat of any sort within 20 feet of an open fire.
  • Physical combat of any sort inside a building.