Alcohol and Intoxication

Alcohol and Intoxication

 It is said that the truest expression of a man’s character is when he is deep in his cups, besotted, and truly drunk.  What shape that character takes is expressed in the form of your character’s Reveler’s Trait.  Every character chooses one Reveler’s Trait from the list below at character creation, and this trait never changes.

Characters become Intoxicated when they imbibe too many alcoholic drinks.  Normal characters get Intoxicated a few minutes after their second drink.  Characters with the Grit Skill can drink more without feeling the effects.  A drink is one ale, one glass of wine or one shot of spirits.  When consuming alcohol in character, the drink’s item tag sits on the vessel that some actual liquid is pouring from, and the player will actually consume liquid drink of appropriate quantity.  After an hour, one drink leaves your system.

If a character has twice the amount of drinks in their system than the amount that would get them drunk they Black Out will awaken Miserable from hangovers and sickness.


The character is drunk, usually from having too much alcohol.

The character’s Reveler’s Trait activates, and its specific rules affect them.
The character may not spend Discipline.

Resolution: Intoxication lasts one hour per drink over the character’s limit.

While drunk, a character gains whatever effects their Reveler’s Trait prescribes – if a Reveler’s Trait includes something your character already possesses, such as Harsh Temper, the effects intensify.  When drunk from Wine rather than Ale or Spirits, you get the Reveler’s Trait next on the list from your normal trait.

Surly  You gain the effects of the Harsh Temper Flaw, and must always answer aggression with even more aggression, escalating the conflict, however while drink you are immune to Fear and “Obey: Stand Aside”.

Decadent – You gain the effects of the Hedonist Flaw (though you may not spend Discipline to resist it), however you do not gain any Depravity for level 1 Sins while intoxicated, as the results of last night are hazy at best.

Adventurous – You feel adventurous while the liquor still flows – you become Inspired whenever you win in a competition, debates and duels, though you gain Despair at any failed Skill use or overall defeat.  Both the Inspired and Despair disappear when the intoxication ends.

Cantankerous  – You gain the effects of the Bigoted and Entitlement Flaws, but also retain the ability to spend Discipline against Obey, as well as gain an extra use of Discipline against Obey calls.

Brooding – You are unable to use the Provocation, Persuade, or Sincerity to attempt to convince other characters, but your Intimidate Skill uses all gain Power.

Loquacious – You lose all internal filter when drunk, and become indiscreet in conversation.  You will never refrain from speaking about a subject based on who you are speaking to, and treat any request meant to get you to disclose information as if it were an Obey call, however, you may add Power to any call you use from the Sincerity Skill.

Enthusiastic – Drink fills you with more than a warm buzz, and you feel a profound sense of belonging, community, and easy acceptance of the world.  You gain the effects of the Naïve Flaw, but any uses of Social Skills related to the subject of your Devotion gain Power.

Amorous – The more you drink the lonelier your lips feel. You gain the Vainglorious Flaw, but you may call Obey: “Come with me” once against each person you talk to in a conversation.

Daring – Alcohol is an impressive substitute for reason. You gain the effects of the Daredevil Perk, but you must accept and cannot back down from any dare or challenge that would trigger the Daredevil perk, no matter what happens after you accept.


Alcohol needs an appropriate physrep just like other items in the game. We suggest the following:

Beer – Cola, root beer or other carbonated beverage.

Wine – Juice or other yellow or red beverage.

Spirits – Tonic water, pickle juice or other unpleasant yet reasonable liquid.

Alcohol is crafted in different ways.  Beer and Wine are brewed in barrels, while Spirits can be made using a Still, which is made by a mechanist. The Apothecary can produce over the Downtime period 1 unit of appropriate alcohol per level of Apothecary, for 1 unit of Vegetables each.  Beer and wine can be made in great quantities at a Brewery or Vineyard. Both of these are created through The City.

Each item tag for Alcohol sits on the pouring vessel and represents the following quantity:

Beer – 2 liter bottle
Wine – 1 Wine bottle
Spirits – 1 liter bottle