Organizations – Under Construction

The content for this page is coming soon!

The Organization system in in development, but here’s what we know (or think) so far:

-Organizations will use Influence as a currency.  We are working on both realism and balance for where Influence comes from and how its spent.
-Organizations will be separated into categories such as Military, Mercantile, Underworld and Communities.  Each Organization will have different ways of earning Influence and different access to Agents
-Agents define the abilities of a given Organization and are being narratively changed to be more plural in nature; Ex: Your Underworld Organization has access to some Bandits, instead of a Bandit, though they probably still have a leader for roleplay purposes
-Rather than having a number of “slots” for each District of a settlement, Agents may be limited by the Population of a city, with each unit of Population able to be employed by an appropriate Organization and becoming Agents, as well.