Downtimes – Under Construction

The content for this page is coming soon!

Our Downtime system is under development, but here’s what we know so far. 

During the period between games, you will have one action that describes what you are spending the majority of your time on during that period. We are endeavoring to make downtime submissions as simple as possible, ideally a single choice of what you are doing, while still giving you an opportunity to imagine and discuss what your character does between event days.

Downtime options will be based on locations. 
-If you choose to spend your downtime at a farm, for instance, you will be working and harvesting that farm for farmed goods.  
-If you spend your downtime at the military garrison, you may be training or honing your combat skills. 
-If you spend it at an army you command (which we will treat as a location for these purposes), you are leading from the front rather than from safely behind your lines- taking a personal risk to gain a military advantage in any ensuing battles.

Some locations will have requirements.  Often these will be skill levels or specific techniques required to benefit from a chosen location.

Downtimes will be supplemental and optional.  You can participate in Gothic: Runeheim without participating in the Downtime system- though we hope you do!