Letter from Sir Ansel to Dame Gloriana

Dearest Mother,

I am heartened to hear of the fall of the Black Monestary of the Kaurlites. It is a blessed occasion when Humanity bands together to push back the Thorns. Truly, I am relieved. This city was once a stronghold of the Kaurlite, and it is joyous that that history is one further step diminished. I hear a raiding force remains, in route to the Black Tower. I pray that the Throne’s forces will find and overtake them before they inflict much more harm.

The black band known as the Hollow Men cut off the hands of many women and children this last season. Sir Sanguine says they did it to lure the Frateris Sanguine into a trap, goaded on by the hot desire for vengeance. He hid the knowledge from us so that we could focus on our work, and quietly arranged for the miracles of Lurian to be called upon to restore our loved ones to wholeness. I think his leadership here was wise, though I do wish he would have consulted with us more. I do believe we could have kept our hearts level, and possibly captured some of these blackguards. Markus has faced this trial in a manner that makes me proud.

The city rulership has asked me to serve as Eparch, and I have accepted. I hope that I can provide righteous guidance to those in power, and help everyone here find more meaningful lives.
One question that comes up frequently is the role of sorcery in our society. In order to understand this place better I have studied the rudiments of Magic, and in so doing have noticed that the names of the rebellious angels who now are the Thorns are reversed and included in the incantation of every guild spell. I am not alone in noticing this, and it has led to questions about whether Magic, or Mankind’s ability to wield it, is part of how the world is wicked? The church teaches us that it is slothful to turn to the supernatural, but is otherwise silent of the deeper implications of magical power. Do magicians open the Judgment the rebellious angels are sealed in to draw power from them? Are ancient false gods and demons being invoked, or revered? Is the presence of the guilds in our society a fundamental compromise of the ideal of the Throne? These are things I feel I need to know to give proper council to the rulers here, and to guide the course of the Frateris Sanguine and others.

I pray you and your men every blessing and fortune in the field. If your time and the campaign permit, I would be grateful for another visit. In particular I feel our prior lesson has settled well, and I am now ready to learn the Langschwert technique if you are able to teach it to me.



Missing: Old Doll

There is a feminine doll, tan in color, standing on a square pedestal, holding a woven basket, with lines either scratching out the mouth and eyes, or looking like they are sewn shut. It was last known to be in the possession of Father Cossimo.

This item is tied to a Malefic spirit that needs to be put to rest. If you have the doll or know of it’s whereabouts, please contact the Nightwarden, Sir Ansel, either at Forum or the South Church.

Sir Ansel Silvanus Rundelhaus
Knight Protector of the Ever Vigilant Order of Templars
Nightwarden of Stragosa

Monster Study, Hunting & Education

For those interested in gathering to discuss how the study of monsters; the education of the citizenry about their dangers; or the proper hunting and resolution of monsters; there will be a meeting at the Forum Church after the large public gathering at 8 bells.

For those who miss this initial conversation, find Sir Ansel or Sir Lysander after Convocation at the Forum Church on Saturday, and they will do the best to fill you in and connect you with other members of the community with similar intentions.

Sir Ansel Silvanus Rundelhaus
Knight Protector of the Ever Vigilant Order of Templars
Nightwarden of Stragosa

Monsters: Hunters, Educators & Researchers Wanted

With the recent deaths during Hexxennacht, many citizens of Stragosa have become aware of the need to locate, research, fight, and resolve the various “monsters” in our city. Citizens have come to me with proposals to start libraries of knowledge on these topics, to assist with the Nuranihim maintainance of bestiaries, to become Nuranihim, or to start public classes on how to handle oneself in the face of the inhuman. Together, we will implement all of these ideas and policies to make Stragosa safer, and save the souls that are currently lost. If you have interest in these matters, but have not yet reached out to me, please contact me in person or by letter.

Sir Ansel Silvanus Rundelhaus
Knight Protector of the Ever Vigilant Order of Templars
Nightwarden of Stragosa

Letter to Lady Alexandria Vosslyn

Dear Lady Alexandria,

It is with a sorrowful heart that I write to you.  No doubt your brother and other members of the Frateris Sanguine have told you of your father’s orders to shun you.  I do not fully understand the implications of you forging your own house, but rather than pride at your success it seems your father has been deeply wounded and feels betrayed.

I have vowed to honor your father’s wishes, and, as you know, I am a man of my word.  This does not mean I have given up on our connection as sworn companions, merely that we have been called upon to lay it aside for a time.  I hope you will find it in your heart to forgive your father his anger, and seek reconciliation with him.  Likewise, for my part, I will offer him council toward forgiveness and reconciliation when he is ready to hear it.

Graf Trakt has made an exception to his request to cease all collaboration for me to fulfill my spiritual duties.  That means should you wish to discuss matters of faith, the burdens you carry as a noblewoman, or the disposition of your soul, I remain at your service.  Likewise, when it comes to all things pertaining to the Malefic, I am free to seek you out.  We can continue to discuss your dreams, and so forth.


Sir Ansel Rundelhaus, Knight Protector, Ever Vigilant Order of Templars

Letter to Dame Gloriana Rundelhaus, Knight Master, Ever Vigilant Order of Templars

Dearest Mother,

Thank you for your guidance in your last letter regarding Wanda Theodosia. Your council is wise that no woman who would try to guide me away from my vows is a suitable companion, even for a chaste relationship.

I pray this letter finds you well. It has been nearly four seasons since your expected arrival, and I have not heard from you in the interim. I know your duties keep you extremely busy, and between the attack on the valley by House Drake, the Kaurlites, and the Elf, there are many ways I can imagine a letter (or visit) may have been lost or delayed. I hope God will guide you here soon, as your gifts are needed here.

Among my sworn brothers in the Frateris Sanguine there is a warrior maiden by the name of Sif, the Farstrider. Sir Sanguine saved her when he found her lost and dying in the cold some years ago, and he has had a strong influence on her. Over the years her piety has grown, and she has a great dedication within her to righting injustice and helping those who are without. She feels a personal calling toward joining our holy knighthood. Currently there is no one in the Stragosa Valley with the proper Auctoritas to knight her when she is trained and ready to join our order, and I hope that you might do this.

Beyond her specific case, the number of Templars in the valley have dwindled. This place takes a toll on the mind, and not everyone has the fortitude to stay the course in the face of the horrors of the heretic and the malefic. I would like to continue my training with you to advance my knowledge with the Longsword, so that I can finally learn the sacred Langschwert technique of our order. I hope that if there are any remaining Templars in the valley by the time you arrive, they can also join in this study with us.

More important than the physical techniques of combat, I am also hoping for greater spiritual guidance and wisdom. When I left home you told me that not every battle could be won with a sword, and I thought I understood what you meant, but truly did not. In the last year it has become ever more clear that the true battle we fight is for the human spirit, and that words and virtue are the greatest of the tools we wield.

I will save most of my questions until you arrive, but there is a pressing matter which is worrying to me. Undoubtedly you have heard of the Battle of Tusk Grove? I admire the men nobles here for their initiative in attacking the Kaurlites, but is it possible that engaging in combat with a demon that gluts itself on wrath and blood is not productive? Every time mankind fights Kaurlites directly, the consequence appears to be that the men gain a taste for violence and blood themselves. What is the proper way of dealing with such Heretics? What is the proper course for soldiers or warriors who have met one or more Kaurlites in the field?

The city has been sanctified, and I hope to Emancipate the men from their curse with one of Nuraniel’s sacred miracles. But, there are so many men, and having to call upon the angels too often means we should consider whether we are on the right course.

I look forward to your next missive or visit.

Your dutiful son,



If you have any knowledge of Malefic appearances in or around Stragosa, please come talk about it with Sir Ansel. The covenant of Nuraniel exists to help these tormented souls find peace, and protect communities from the dangers they can pose. Sir Ansel can be found at the South District Church, Doux Foudre Way 28-29.

Announcement About Filth Crisis

Good people of Stragosa,

The city is in Crisis. Filth piles in the streets and spoils our food, sickens the people, and attracts all manner of pests and pestilence. Residents starve and die, not for lack of food, but because these conditions are horrendous and all too often lethal.

Stragosa is prosperous and its wealthy citizens can solve this problem. For every 20 silver or 1 gold donated, a great Renewal Project can be enacted to flush the streets of Filth and save the people. The need is dire and the cost is high. The city needs 1400 silver or 70 gold to be clean once more.

During such a time of crisis, it is important that we remember we are all one. Mankind must help each other. Put yourself in the position of those suffering, for they are a part of you. In your soul you know it is right to help them, and the burden of not helping will pull you down toward Despair. To hoard in such a time of need is Deadliest Greed; Greed stemming from fear of being in the very circumstance that the poor are in right now. Those holding coin back, or consuming expensive goods such as Spice, while such a Crisis remains unresolved will be burdened by the guilt of this Deadly Sin.

You may donate coin directly to the Master of Coin and state your purpose or to the Church, represented by Congregator Renatus. The Church has asked the pious Lord Giovanni Giotolli to assist us with his great skill in arranging such projects. Those who make substantial contributions to saving the city from this scourge will be recognized as Heros of Stragosa.

Should Stragosa come together and solve this Crisis with coin to spare, the excess will be returned to donors in proportion to that which was given.

In the spirit of Hope and Charity,
Bishop Adeodatus
Diocese of the Defiant Light
As dictated to Sir Emeric Sanguine, Knight Protector of the White Lions

Letter to Inquisitor Cordatus

Inquisitor Cordatus,

I am glad for your arrival in Stragosa, and the solemn caution you gave to us at convocation last forum. Turning away from our humanity is the greatest peril of existence, and we must ever be vigilant of this risk for both ourselves and our neighbors.

We did not have a chance to speak, but I wanted to introduce myself to you. I am called by many names, but I am a man called to Stragosa in the service of God and The Throne. In this season, I have been charged with the duty as Stragosa’s Nightwarden, to bring redemption to the souls tormented for so long in Malefic form.

I believe I had a good rapport with your predecessor Inquisitor Caelius. He called upon myself and my Templar bretheren when he was in need, I provided witness to him regularly, and we ventured together deep beneath the city to bring God’s light to pierce the shadows of a Lazarine in the catacombs.

One matter he and I discussed before his departure was a Bestiary discovered in the ruins of the city by archaeologists. The Sepharihim took possession of it to inspect it for heretical content, but never returned it to the Nuranihim after doing so. Inquisitor Caelius had indicated to me that he thought it had been determined untainted, and as such could be returned to my order to help us understand and resolve the Malefic in this city.

The other matter I must broach with you is that of The Miracle, and the five artifacts tied to it. Last forum Sir Connor observed I had a document I collected detailing the theories of a visiting Professor. He urged me to bring it to you at once, and in that conversation stated you had taken possession of Connor’s Chalice, the Doll possessed by Father Cosimo, and likely the Skull in possession of Inquisitor Caelius. I would like to arrange to surrender this document, and seek Atonement if this thing I have is heretical.

However, I have come to the understanding that The Miracle and the five objects are tied to the powerful Malefic being that has appeared repeatedly in Stragosa and its Forum. There are many names for her, which I shall not speak or write. There are several sacred rituals of my covenant that can help discover the origin of this Malefic, and can be used in her resolution, but these rites require objects important to the life of that Malefic. To that end, I am requesting access to those objects for these purposes.

Further, I would be grateful if the Inquisition could share with me any documents elucidating the nature of the Malefic, her history as a Witch King, what is known about the nature of the world as it pertains to these things, or other knowledge that is not for general consumption but could be useful in putting this spirit to rest and ending the taint that hangs over this city.


Knight Protector Ansel Silvanus Rundelhaus, Ever Vigilant Order of Templars, Father Superior of the Nuranihim Covenant, Nightwarden of Stragosa