Letter to Inquisitor Cordatus

Inquisitor Cordatus,

I am glad for your arrival in Stragosa, and the solemn caution you gave to us at convocation last forum. Turning away from our humanity is the greatest peril of existence, and we must ever be vigilant of this risk for both ourselves and our neighbors.

We did not have a chance to speak, but I wanted to introduce myself to you. I am called by many names, but I am a man called to Stragosa in the service of God and The Throne. In this season, I have been charged with the duty as Stragosa’s Nightwarden, to bring redemption to the souls tormented for so long in Malefic form.

I believe I had a good rapport with your predecessor Inquisitor Caelius. He called upon myself and my Templar bretheren when he was in need, I provided witness to him regularly, and we ventured together deep beneath the city to bring God’s light to pierce the shadows of a Lazarine in the catacombs.

One matter he and I discussed before his departure was a Bestiary discovered in the ruins of the city by archaeologists. The Sepharihim took possession of it to inspect it for heretical content, but never returned it to the Nuranihim after doing so. Inquisitor Caelius had indicated to me that he thought it had been determined untainted, and as such could be returned to my order to help us understand and resolve the Malefic in this city.

The other matter I must broach with you is that of The Miracle, and the five artifacts tied to it. Last forum Sir Connor observed I had a document I collected detailing the theories of a visiting Professor. He urged me to bring it to you at once, and in that conversation stated you had taken possession of Connor’s Chalice, the Doll possessed by Father Cosimo, and likely the Skull in possession of Inquisitor Caelius. I would like to arrange to surrender this document, and seek Atonement if this thing I have is heretical.

However, I have come to the understanding that The Miracle and the five objects are tied to the powerful Malefic being that has appeared repeatedly in Stragosa and its Forum. There are many names for her, which I shall not speak or write. There are several sacred rituals of my covenant that can help discover the origin of this Malefic, and can be used in her resolution, but these rites require objects important to the life of that Malefic. To that end, I am requesting access to those objects for these purposes.

Further, I would be grateful if the Inquisition could share with me any documents elucidating the nature of the Malefic, her history as a Witch King, what is known about the nature of the world as it pertains to these things, or other knowledge that is not for general consumption but could be useful in putting this spirit to rest and ending the taint that hangs over this city.


Knight Protector Ansel Silvanus Rundelhaus, Ever Vigilant Order of Templars, Father Superior of the Nuranihim Covenant, Nightwarden of Stragosa

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