Announcement About Filth Crisis

Good people of Stragosa,

The city is in Crisis. Filth piles in the streets and spoils our food, sickens the people, and attracts all manner of pests and pestilence. Residents starve and die, not for lack of food, but because these conditions are horrendous and all too often lethal.

Stragosa is prosperous and its wealthy citizens can solve this problem. For every 20 silver or 1 gold donated, a great Renewal Project can be enacted to flush the streets of Filth and save the people. The need is dire and the cost is high. The city needs 1400 silver or 70 gold to be clean once more.

During such a time of crisis, it is important that we remember we are all one. Mankind must help each other. Put yourself in the position of those suffering, for they are a part of you. In your soul you know it is right to help them, and the burden of not helping will pull you down toward Despair. To hoard in such a time of need is Deadliest Greed; Greed stemming from fear of being in the very circumstance that the poor are in right now. Those holding coin back, or consuming expensive goods such as Spice, while such a Crisis remains unresolved will be burdened by the guilt of this Deadly Sin.

You may donate coin directly to the Master of Coin and state your purpose or to the Church, represented by Congregator Renatus. The Church has asked the pious Lord Giovanni Giotolli to assist us with his great skill in arranging such projects. Those who make substantial contributions to saving the city from this scourge will be recognized as Heros of Stragosa.

Should Stragosa come together and solve this Crisis with coin to spare, the excess will be returned to donors in proportion to that which was given.

In the spirit of Hope and Charity,
Bishop Adeodatus
Diocese of the Defiant Light
As dictated to Sir Emeric Sanguine, Knight Protector of the White Lions

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