Letter to Dame Gloriana Rundelhaus, Knight Master, Ever Vigilant Order of Templars

Dearest Mother,

Thank you for your guidance in your last letter regarding Wanda Theodosia. Your council is wise that no woman who would try to guide me away from my vows is a suitable companion, even for a chaste relationship.

I pray this letter finds you well. It has been nearly four seasons since your expected arrival, and I have not heard from you in the interim. I know your duties keep you extremely busy, and between the attack on the valley by House Drake, the Kaurlites, and the Elf, there are many ways I can imagine a letter (or visit) may have been lost or delayed. I hope God will guide you here soon, as your gifts are needed here.

Among my sworn brothers in the Frateris Sanguine there is a warrior maiden by the name of Sif, the Farstrider. Sir Sanguine saved her when he found her lost and dying in the cold some years ago, and he has had a strong influence on her. Over the years her piety has grown, and she has a great dedication within her to righting injustice and helping those who are without. She feels a personal calling toward joining our holy knighthood. Currently there is no one in the Stragosa Valley with the proper Auctoritas to knight her when she is trained and ready to join our order, and I hope that you might do this.

Beyond her specific case, the number of Templars in the valley have dwindled. This place takes a toll on the mind, and not everyone has the fortitude to stay the course in the face of the horrors of the heretic and the malefic. I would like to continue my training with you to advance my knowledge with the Longsword, so that I can finally learn the sacred Langschwert technique of our order. I hope that if there are any remaining Templars in the valley by the time you arrive, they can also join in this study with us.

More important than the physical techniques of combat, I am also hoping for greater spiritual guidance and wisdom. When I left home you told me that not every battle could be won with a sword, and I thought I understood what you meant, but truly did not. In the last year it has become ever more clear that the true battle we fight is for the human spirit, and that words and virtue are the greatest of the tools we wield.

I will save most of my questions until you arrive, but there is a pressing matter which is worrying to me. Undoubtedly you have heard of the Battle of Tusk Grove? I admire the men nobles here for their initiative in attacking the Kaurlites, but is it possible that engaging in combat with a demon that gluts itself on wrath and blood is not productive? Every time mankind fights Kaurlites directly, the consequence appears to be that the men gain a taste for violence and blood themselves. What is the proper way of dealing with such Heretics? What is the proper course for soldiers or warriors who have met one or more Kaurlites in the field?

The city has been sanctified, and I hope to Emancipate the men from their curse with one of Nuraniel’s sacred miracles. But, there are so many men, and having to call upon the angels too often means we should consider whether we are on the right course.

I look forward to your next missive or visit.

Your dutiful son,


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