Monsters: Hunters, Educators & Researchers Wanted

With the recent deaths during Hexxennacht, many citizens of Stragosa have become aware of the need to locate, research, fight, and resolve the various “monsters” in our city. Citizens have come to me with proposals to start libraries of knowledge on these topics, to assist with the Nuranihim maintainance of bestiaries, to become Nuranihim, or to start public classes on how to handle oneself in the face of the inhuman. Together, we will implement all of these ideas and policies to make Stragosa safer, and save the souls that are currently lost. If you have interest in these matters, but have not yet reached out to me, please contact me in person or by letter.

Sir Ansel Silvanus Rundelhaus
Knight Protector of the Ever Vigilant Order of Templars
Nightwarden of Stragosa

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