Silbran Notice of Intent

Declaration of Public Intent;
I, Lady Evelyn Drake Baroness of Silbran, make the following declarations as backed by my word and deed. On behalf of the city of Silbran and the House of Drake we seek to grow the force of the Empire within the Stragosa valley, to reinforce the Reich of Ser Hezke, and see it thrive. To that end we would see Silbran drive the following to completion.

Roads will connect the pass all the way to the forum of the city proper. The Labor and the stone needed will mean this will take time, but I will maintain it as a priority and keep the Council of Stragosa aware of its status. This will stand by our commitment to free and open travel into the valley and to Stragosa. The Reichsgrafin and I have have openly come to the conclusion that fees and taxes will not be levied on travelers into the valley, and as such the path through Dragon’s Pass will remain unblocked.

Investment and growth of Trade, any settlement or Reich needs trade to flourish. To that end Silbran has dedicated itself to supporting the Guilds of the Valley and baring any reason to dispute a guilds status will take Stragosa’s charters to a shared value.

Safety of the Valley and its people. Roads will help travel, but there are still threats that would attack the empire. I have pledged no fewer then ten units of troops to join the Banner of the White Lion in attacking the Kaurlite stronghold to the South-East. Once that threat is destroyed, I would seek that the Marshals of Stragosa and Silbran can come to an agreement of what troops can return home while still maintaining the safety the community would expect from its nobles.

Silbran cannot do everything itself and will always be glad of its Ally Stragosa. What expertise Silbran does have will be pushed to the betterment of the Valley and its Citizens. Likewise, to guilds, Citizens in good standing will be recognized in Silbran and given all due respect.

I hope that this can be a guide post as we move forward, and a standard for others to follow as future cities rise in the Valley. May God and the Emperor be on our mind as we all work to flourish in the city.

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