Public Announcement

Respected People of Stragosa,

This city has begun to recover from a time of great unrest and I wish to thank the Citizens who have worked with the ruling council towards a common aim. If we continue this path of cooperation, we will all enjoy the stability and comfort that basic city infrastructure provides. I also offer thanks to the people who generously made room for my women and men from the Blauenwald, Schaffhousen and Bewolktenbad. This military presence was a necessary measure to guard against attacks, but as the threats have subsided, they will instead garrison just outside the city walls.

It should also be known that Evelyn Drake, Baroness of Silbran, has declared herself as an ally to House Heidrich and Stragosa. She has generously offered unobstructed travel through Dragon’s Gate Pass, as well as the construction of roads to ease travel between our sister cities. In exchange, I offer my full support to Lady Evelyn Drake and to Silbran. I pledge to work closely with the Baroness and House Drake to address future challenges in both cities, with the additional hope that we set an example for all future Reichs within the valley.

In closing, let it be known that logging within Stragosa proper (Province 71) is henceforth prohibited. There are abundant forests in the surrounding provinces which can be used for this purpose with permission of the land owner.

May God light your path,
Sir Hezke von Heidrich, Reichsgrafin of Stragosa and Knight Commander

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