Zakhar’s End – A Roast

Theo stands before the others of the House Chanceux, formerly the Undesireables, as they eat what food they have been able to acquire, a couple of birds that Aryeh was able to hunt, some berries that Cole was able to pick, and a few bottles of wine that Theo had grabbed from a cellar.

“Zakhar, the Fallen Knight is dead. Someone might try to give him last rites, maybe they even did, but let me say a few words about him.
Some would have him believe that he was a man of many virtues, Faith, Honor, Justice, Mercy, and Courage, but the world came to know better.
A Betrayer of his Faith – He betrayed the faith he openly adhered to in order to support a Spider Crone and do its bidding.
Dishonored – Betrayed the oaths of Knighthood he had sworn to his Lady in disobeying her orders.
Cruel – Tortured and beat a man for trying to steal food for his friends because they had none.
Deceitful – When caught and imprisoned for his crimes, commanded those loyal to him to attack members of the community, nearly killing Henri.
Cowardly – Kidnapped children to lure their minders into an ambush.

Zakar, Failure of the Kruzmores Knights, we are not sad to see you go. You were long a blight upon this place and may your failures be long remembered.

Let us also take a moment is to welcome back Cobalt and Frank after a harrowing experience of being taken by this creature. Nothing about what you went through was ok, and only through his death can we see that righted. I am sorry Frank that we couldn’t get you a new leg.

This moment through is truly about Cole, the one who ended Zakhar’s miserable existence. With Primus watching, we celebrate her for standing up for those who could not defend themselves and taking that moment of opportunity rather than leaving it to chance. Here here.”

The group toasts, with the kids hooting and hollering and Frank and Cobalt smile to one another excited to have finally gotten to see a monster die.

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