Nadja and Family

As the sun begins reach the western horizon, Theo paces through the woods as Aryeh checks his traps for rabbits and fowl. Cole continues to find mushrooms here and there along the hill as they continue far off the path.

Theo’s rant at the others can be heard from some distance,
“Should I even be treating Nadia like family? The more I think about it, the more I don’t think she even really cares about us. She just wants a family, friends, people to care about her after what the way her family treated her. She wasn’t really willing to turn her back on Zakhar, a man whom had wanted and tried to kill me while betraying her orders when he had given his word to her…

She isn’t really committed to this. Nadia was freaking out over Vecatrans even being in town, and yet managed to talk herself into going along with their plans so that they could make the mists expand and still couldn’t bring herself to hate Zakhar. She won’t be ready for Primus either. And you know…if she was committed to embracing us as family, that would be fine. There’s plenty of people who are Vecatrans whom I still call family and still love or don’t give a shit at all, but I just don’t think she understands what we go through. Her pain is different, our suffering is no different than anyone else’s in this place as far as she seems to be concerned. She just likes being snarky.

Maybe its the gaslighting the Benelians did to her. Its great to give up your total desire for power, but caring about the community of Luisant probably means you can’t even really bring yourself to take sides, even when you see people being wronged. I guess if you wanna be a goodie goodie and have lost your edge in the world, you probably don’t want to be like us, you probably were never one of us…

Someone will be happy to tell her stories about how its great that we are all a community of equals through their lying teeth-Ouch!”

Theo rubs his head as Aryeh points down the hill to where a large shadow seems to be. Cole shakes her head and leads them deeper into the forest, away from whatever creature may have been waiting for them.

“We should find a Willow tree soon, I gotta pee.” he mutters under his breath.

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