To: Sir Percival, Knight Master of the Order of the White Lions Sping 604

March 14th Lion Age 604

To: Sir Percival, Knight Master of the Order of the White Lions

From: Sir Atrieus, Knight Commander of the Order of the White Lions, penned by Sir Renatus, Knight Errant of the Most Vigilant Order of Knights Templar and Father Superior of the Mithrihim Covenant

Greetings, Knight Master, may the blessing of God and Benalus be upon you.

I write to you on this day (insert date) to provide an update upon the state of affairs in the city and the valley. A Kaurilite stronghold, with an estimated force disposition of one thousand soldiers, has been identified in the area, in addition to other forces that include one or more armies of undead.

It is has been deemed to be in the best interest of Stragosa, the Church of Benalus, and the Throne that these threats be removed with all due speed. With sufficient troops, we can have the stronghold cleansed and all their troops slain by the end of 604.

It is to this end that I do submit a request for sufficient troops and supplies to be directed towards Stragosa Valley. There are several within our Order, the Boywer Hadrianus (From oath of Overwatch) and Stablemaster Iacomus (From oath of Cavalier) in particular, that I would call upon to aid me in this task. This is in addition to asking for your own support in seeing to the Valor of some of these units.

I am looking for a force sufficient enough to take the vanguard, with the support of troops from Silbran as well as Stragosa. I plan to join the field with them, and see to the command of these forces.

By the blessing of God, will these troops be available for deployment so that we may end this threat to Stragosa and the Throne in the names of Benalus, the Saints, and the Archangels.

God’s light be upon you, Knight Master.

Sir Aretaeus
(Signet Seal)
Sir Renatus
(Signet Seal)

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