Looking for Tavernkeeper or Aspiring Merchant!

The Southside District is waiting for You!

At the lovely location of 27 Nemesis Way, you will find a well built and ideal site to either ply your trade or stake a claim in the future of Stragosa’s prosperity.

A charming three story Tavern complete with some pre-furnished staples of your typical Tavern. A solid cedar bar and a slightly raised seating area ideal for exclusive guests to easily modified for a performer’s stage!

Up the stairs, you will find 10 cozy private or group suites. Some of the walls are light enough to be removed to open up group rental options while there is plenty of timber left to reinforce those walls so you don’t hear the chatter or your neighbor guests. This Tavern hosts three additional rooms which could be utilized for a number of varied and diverse purposes (no additional furnishing available for these rooms).

If you aim to set up shop, start an income property, or otherwise have a large group of friends who have their eyes on a more permanent residence in Stragosa please reach out the District Magistrate of the Southside to seek to rent or purchase this excellent Tavern (naming rights either temporary or permanent available).

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