The Power of Names

“Ragnar Stoneskin, it is a simple name, earned through an act of bravery, an act of defiance, defiance of death. But what does it mean to be Stoneskin, are you a shield to protect those around you? no in that you have certainly failed, Death follows you Stoneskin, a list of names soaked in blood sits at your feet, Rolf, Hakon, Halbjorn… Esparei? Some sacrificed themselves willingly yes Stoneskin, yet if you had been stronger would they have needed to? Though again, perhaps it is arrogance to assume you could have ever saved them, perhaps you simply do not matter Stoneskin, and when you die your name will become dust, as the river erodes the mountain so too will you become nothing. You say that as long as you draw breath then you will push onward, I hope that has served you well, for it is all you can do isn’t it? Keep pushing forward Stoneskin and perhaps someday-” Ragnar threw a rock into the still water of the river, disrupting his reflection and quieting his mind, he looked at his reflection, distorting in the water, turning away from it before the water stilled. He walked away, the never-ending pulse behind his eyes driving him forward, as always.

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