Risk and reward, to forces that balanced Ragnar’s life pulling upon him like weighted stones, threatening to topple him in either direction, I life without reward was punishing and cruel, hardly worth living, while I life without risk was indolent and tiresome, and created nothing of value. Ragnar pondered what his life has been these past months, and he found an imbalance, he’d always readily accepted risk, but often refused reward, from pride, or from carelessness. It was while he was pondering this that Lady Fafnir approached him “I want to make you my knight.” The words themselves were shocking, the unsettling sensation upon his body as she said them even more so. He’d heard much about the Fafnir’s many unpleasant things, he knew their Maxim, Sven had told it to him long ago, “Everything is Ours” a declaration that rang throughout the world, frightening, powerful, it resonated with Ragnar. He spent many hours thinking of the offer he had been made, he did not believe Lady Fafnir to be a good person, but her offer had awakened ambition within him, a fire that had burned to embers within him. The maxim turned over in his head “Everything is ours” or could it be: “Everything is mine?”He needed more in order to be able to protect those he loved, he needed power and influence to create peace in his home, perhaps he was making a mistake, but Ragnar had never been averse to large risks. It was time for reward, it was time for Profit.

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