The Laatzen Archers

The Laatzen Archers are famous throughout the Throne.
Laatzen troops are relied upon in the Gothic army. As such the lands are populated with veteran soldiery and their children. Every adult man carries a bow while traveling, as do many women and children. Former soldiers will also carry other weapons. A handful of villagers is usually more than enough to deal with any bandits that might wander into the area.

The peasants, and minor nobility, hold to a tradition that before a bride accepts a proposal, a man must prove himself an able provider. A target is placed and he must strike the bullseye, before she will accept.
Sometimes, it is a token gesture and the Groom stands but a pace away. However, many a maid has placed the target at great distance in order to make him work for it.
A woman with many suitors may be the subject of a competition.

There are even stories of Nobles, being attracted by the competition and donning masks. Winning the fair maiden’s hand they whisk her off and farm girl becomes nobility overnight.

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