Laatzen Plains

A flat landscape that lies within Sauber lands. It’s encircled by the Wahrheit hill chain, also referred to as the Wahrheit hills. The Laatzen plains are a stunning sea of temperate grass and farmland bisected by the large Weinfluss river.

Although there are also countless independent homesteads a majority of the large population lives in the many villages that dot the plains. The northernmost plain villages are Hugeldorf and Knollenheim, which are known for their brisk farming and strong exchange of goods with the villages that are northerly, in the Laatzen Hills. Hugeldorf is known to be a focal point for the apple trade, with both the fruit and many of its more invigorating end products in high demand by those who visit the village. Rumor has it that some of the sweetest apples in all of Gotha are not actually local: they grow in an orchard owned by the Bergenthal family just outside of Hugeldorf. Supposedly, the local matriarch of the Bergenthal family, Elise Bergenthal, was given the saplings by foreign merchants at the court of House Sauber in Laatzen itself – over two decades ago.

The largest of which is Truedorf, which has been officially named a town. It is located in almost the exact center of the plains. The Truedorf bridge splits the town in two and crosses the Weinfluss river. It is the safest place to cross the treacherous river during the rainy season.

Although vastly smaller, the villages of Ostenweil to the east and Kuhstadt in the south, would compete for second largest population centers.

A long tradition of cattle families live alongside wheat, barley and oat farmers. For the most part it is a peaceful coexistence. Disputes are often settled quickly or decisively.

The Laatzen plains are very peaceful. Bandit attacks or crimes upon the road are so rare as to be almost non existent. Some would say that it the love for, or fear of, House Sauber is the reason. But those familiar with the area suspect that the area’s military history is the actual cause.

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