The Beacon of Dawn

I am happy to report construction of the monastery is complete. The architect, Marcellus, along with Sif Farstrider, Bishop Adeodatus, Master Alonzo and their many friends joining them in labor have done tremendous work and the structure is beautiful and functional.

Marcellus has somehow managed to survey and construct the tower in such a way that it reflects the sun at dawn and creates a shining beacon in the western mountains visible from Stragosa. I’ve decided to name this place the Beacon of Dawn after its appearance at that time. Hopefully, it will be seen as an inspiration to the whole valley.

The pathway up to the monastery is still somewhat rough, but I’m sure it will be widened over time and perhaps a road can even be built.

I’ve moved some of my older notes and testimonium research out to the Abbot’s quarters here, though I’m spending my evenings at the castle. I’ve set up a hall for debate with inward-facing pews and desks. It feels empty yet, but it will be filled with voices soon enough. The courtyard is also a bit bare, but we have a stable and high walls and we’ll start moving in arms and training equipment and decor to inspire the faithful soon enough.

I plan to spend the summer training with my shield and will hopefully be ready by the autumn to turn this place into a true redoubt. In the meantime, I’ve been studying with a few itinerants and with Heinrich, Ansel and Lysander. All three have different insights and it’s rewarding to be able to work on exegesis, hermeneutics and homiletics with the ordained when so much of our time is taken up with praxis at forum.

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