New direction

She was concentrating on the small mote of dust that floated in the sunbeam filtering through the clouds. Her gaze unfocused as it swirled in the gentle eddy of the air. Yet another bead of sweat trickled down her spine as she tried to meditate on her bond with Benalus.
It was barely blossom time and already she was roasting in the starched white robe and trews she sat in. Giving up on the dust mote she closed her eyes and released all her breathe very, very slowly through her nose, she leaned back against the still cool stone wall easing the pain in her back and legs. Drawing her breath in again she tried to imagine herself instead drawing in the light of Benalus, feeling the glow of that connection she strove for. Exhale, inhale, calm, exhale, calm, inhale. Finally she began to feel her body drift away, pain ebb and tranquility suffuse her being. She floated, as the dust mote had, no direction, at the whim of fate. She felt the tiny spark of joy as the connection was made, rather like tingle before a lightning storm. She let the feeling of joy spread through her, lightening her being. She guided the spark toward her long time goal, lead the way to path she had struggled so hard to create. There was a second of confusion from the spark as considered the path. It stopped as if contemplating the direction. Then with an almost painful tug shifted away from the path. The spark, no longer content to be lead, now dragged her consciousness towards a new goal. She saw a brightness before her and then a shape defined itself. A very humble priest, leaning on a staff, barefooted with a sad expression. He spoke very softly, “Little sister, would you join us? By giving away all that was yours to give you have created…an opportunity, would you tread our path?” She considered carefully for a moment, “You offer me a great honour, I would be pleased to add my footsteps to yours and as long as my duties as a Charismata permits.” The priest smiled held out a hand and grew brighter and brighter, the spark swirled around her until the light became blinding and she closed her eyes shut and flung her arm in front of her face falling backwards.

She awoke slumped against the wall. Back and legs sore from being stuck in such an awkward position. She righted herself and got clumsily to her feet. The grass felt cool between her toes, she looked around for her shoes, she was positive that she had worn them and just as sure she hadn’t removed them before beginning her meditation. Checking carefully she realized they were gone and that her face stung. Raising a hand to her cheek she felt the heat and knew she was sunburned. She sighed, really, as she thought to herself, one sign was enough Melandihim, did you really have to take my shoes?

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