SandFlyers are found in the deserts of Sha’ra.

They are insects with powerful hind legs and long thin membranes between there hind legs and the second set of legs. They use these membranes to glide. The front claws end in barbed hooks which they sink into the flesh of their prey. Their mandibles are odd shaped resembling human hands with interlocked fingers.

When they attack the mandibles will tear a small piece of flesh from their target which it stuffs in it mouth. They are voracious and will attack again as soon the mandibles are free.

The average adult Sandflyer measures 1 to 2”s in length, although some have been found to measure up 4” in length.

They travel in swarms of dozens but larger swarms of hundreds have been found around battlefields.

The best protection against Sandflyers is thick padded clothing, or wearing several layers of clothing that do not show any exposed flesh.

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