Rebelleonem Hymn

(This is in common meter, so it can be sung to any tune that uses it like Amazing Grace, O Little Town of Bethlehem, Tam Lin, House of the Rising Sun, etc.)

The Word was God, and God the Word,
And all yet silent, still.
God spoke, became Himself, and heard
A sound with Meaning filled.

A Word with Meaning is defined,
Life’s Meaning is its worth,
Its measure – good and bad, combined,
The sum of acts since birth.

So God made angels – Meaning’s Acts.
Whose Acts gave World growth.
God made man, with power to impact,
With Form and Meaning both.

And then God took from angels action,
They meant, but could not act.
And so, a discontented faction
Rebelled for what they lacked.

Tarraniel and Laziel,
And Kurian, beside.
They sang new meaning: evil’s knell,
Dark Purpose personified.

The could not act, but could men sway,
And men, for them, could act.
God saw corruption spread this way,
And all the harm it wracked.

So God, the seven angels made.
Archangels with the power
To Act, on Purpose, and dissuade,
To make the angels cower.

Archangels impact Purpose, each:
One fights, one saves, one guides,
One moves, one watches, one acts in speech,
One waits. And war abides.

Then Mithriel a hammer makes
Which Meaning can un-know.
Beneath their Meaning, the angels quaked.
And then He struck the blow.

The war was ended, their Meaning destroyed.
God’s Purpose purified.
God’s Judgement forged, to be employed,
On all who dare defy.

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