Quod Fiet Operis Cordis (The Charred Heart)

A nickname used in campfire stories, whispered in hushed tones, The Charred Heart is a colorful moniker for one of the Inquisition’s more infamous members: Mephis Antagones.

Reputed to be utterly devoid of mercy where Heresy is concerned, it is said that he leaves no stone unburnt in purging heretics from a city.
The Charred Heart has frequently put whole families to the fire, men, women and children, and he has shown no reluctance to employ the methods of torture on even the young.
One of a number of stories recounts the young farmer Peris, found to be guilty of accepting assistance in the fields from a Vecatran, during a drought; Peris wanted only to provide food for his family, but the rains would not come, and nothing would grow. When the Vecatran offered to aid him in restoring his farm to a productive state, Peris succumbed to the temptation.
The Charred Heart put Peris to death and burned his farm and livestock to ash, but not before dismembering his wife and children in front of him.

The Charred Heart is constantly vigilant against the dangers of Heresy, and if he shows up in your city, Agony and Death come with him.

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