Edicto Discidium

On this, the 13th of Maius in the Lion Age, 603, I with the power vested in me by The Lord Holy God, by way of Master, Hand, and Throne, in confirmation of the Electors of Königreich, Meerland, Immervald, Kronenland, Bösewald, Tristrand, Weiterland, the Vicar of Holy Benalus and Pontifex over Holy Lethia, in its Gottreich, by the Parliament of Lords Temporal and Spiritual, the Royal King of Hestralia, the Sanctified King of Capacionne, Who is In God’s Grace, and the King over the Cold Throne of Njordr, do make the following declaration as fact:

My vassals, both direct and indirect, who hold the titles, rights and duties of noble status, bound by Auctoritas are admonished to uphold the highest class of fidelity, righteousness and duty to the Throne. No member of my service shall be tolerated to commit Verfall actions and behavior unbefitting of a noble, which has and shall continue to include the acts of marriage to a commoner, to accept a wage for work befitting a caste menial, or the dereliction of duty to the Throne. To these crimes I preemptively rebuke as Insult against the Reich, and they have and shall carry with them the penalty of Adelsverlust, the stripping of status of nobility.

I declare that I do include in my judgment of Verfall the professions and memberships of chartered Trade Guilds which include the Guilds of Magicians, and as such I recognize no distinction between such Guilds and all others, and thus do rightly extend all bylaws of the Imperial Trade Charter over and throughout the Guilds of Magicians, including and especially Article 1 Trade Protections. Members of the Throne’s nobility may not be members of Trade Guilds of any kind under penalty of Adelsverlust. Those nobles which are not under the legal separation of the Pactum Domini who also maintain membership within a Guild of Magicians may accept Adelsverlust without further indictment under Auctoritas. Past actions taken in the auspice of Auctoritas before such Adelsverlust are pardoned and protected, and may not be prosecuted under common law. Nobles who renounce membership in their Guilds and neither accept further instruction nor continue to practice their craft under Guild Charter may retain their status after swearing and certifying an oath to that effect to the Officio Auctoritas.

Ex Soliorum,

Siegfried von Herkheist

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