Promises of Love

He is breaking his biggest smile right now, as he kisses Lucille’s hand gently before putting a promise ring his Cousin Fabron helped forge. Deep inside he knew that Lucille would be happy at the proposal but he still thought that he was beneath her. Her family sure thought so, even if Lucille constantly reminded Pascal that the only opinion that mattered was hers.

Pascal remembered how his parents would joke about him marrying her when they were children. He would get so angry back then because girls were gross and he didn’t want to marry one later in life. By the time he was a teenager he blushed everytime she would come around, her brilliant blonde hair seemed to almost blow in the wind to him. There was no reason why someone so beautiful inside and out would choose someone that came from a line of gravediggers and dealt with death for a living. Someone who had whispers follow him as he walked by.

And yet she chose him.

It still felt surreal that he was going to marry her, that she would say yes and that she would be the mother of his children. It felt like a fairy tale, the ones his father said never came true.

“Pascal…” she said softly, giving him the softest smile “come back to me.”

He would lose himself in thoughts sometimes, not that he meant to do it.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t meant to…it’s just…” he tried to explain, “it feels -”

“Like a dream?” Lucille let out a soft laugh before kissing his cheek “We are dreamers, the both of us. But we can make our dreams a reality, together.”

He kissed her cheek gently, letting the emotions take over him “I promise to protect you and our children, to hold you above everyone but God. To love you everyday and be thankful everyday you’re by my side.”

She let out a soft laugh, one that sounded like music to his ears. “Shouldn’t you wait until the actual wedding ceremony for your vows?”

“I’m not worried about it,” he embraced her and held her as close to him as he could “I’ll tell you every day how much I love you if I have to”

“Everyday? For the rest of our lives? That’s quite a challenge, let’s see if you can do it.”

There was amusement in her voice and her twinkle in her eyes as she playfully challenged him to but he did. And he continued to do it even after life and after that beautiful twinkle had left her eyes. Even after burying her. It wasn’t rare to see Pascal Rocheaux kneeling on his dead wife’s grave, whispering with all the emotion he could muster how much he loved her.

He just hoped that one day the words would reach her even in death

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