Praeceptor Caecus: A View from Without

Praedium Record
Recorded Statement of Karl von Amsel regarding “Air Magic”

Praeceptor Caecus is something that everyone knows exists, but few have ever seen evidence of. I heard that at least one member of every council of elders, one member of every city government, one member of every major crime ring, one member of every smuggling division, and even that one member of the Archmagus Circle in the other Guilds is a member of their cadre.

I met what I could have been one once. He spoke like a gentleman at the party. Had every lady all over him, even the governor’s wife. I couldn’t believe that the governor didn’t do anything about it. He pretended not to notice, and took another mulled wine. When I went to talk with him, I figured I’d listen for a little while and then try to say something interesting when I figured out what was being discussed. But by the time I was over there, they were knee-deep in a conversation about how I was coming over to say something interesting. Everyone talking to the man turned and looked at me, waiting for me to say something profound, and I froze and looked a fool. The women stifled smirks at me, failing to be polite. Then the man called me by name and asked me not to be embarrassed, to sit down, and enjoy some of the governor’s wine. I did, of course. I was already indebted to the man who had just made me look ridiculous.

Later that night, I looked for him to ask him just what had happened at the conversation and how he knew what I was planning to say. I couldn’t find him, however. I asked four different groups of people where he was in the gallery, and everyone gave a different answer saying that they had known for sure that he was in the west wing, or the north wing. It was like trailing a ghost, each time I got to where he was supposed to be, they hadn’t seen him anywhere but another wing. And nobody thought that that was very strange at all.

I only saw him one more time that night; he was kissing the hand of the Abbess of Markhem. She blushed terribly. After that, he left in a carriage owned by the largest shipmaker in this part of the Throne, as the same shipmaker waved him goodbye.

I only heard later that the south wing was robbed that night some time during the party, and the only thing stolen was a rare opal given by the Elves to the Von Herkheist at the formation of the Throne. I never saw him again.

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