Infragilis Vigilo: A View From Within

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Intercepted Communication, Earth Magician Internal Business

Ever since man’s first forays into magic, we have sought to become so much more than living a life content as nature’s children. We sought to rise above its predictable mercies. We sought to become its master. The Infrigilis Vigilo is but the gateway to such mastery.

We control the land, the plants, the food and thusly the means for life itself. Animals pay homage to us and recognize our greatness.

Yes, apprentice, this includes man. Men are but complex animals. It is true that we too are men by flesh and blood, but much like how it is the minds of men that raise them above animals it is our own minds that raise us above them.

All mankind rests beneath us, apprentice, and you are expected to understand this. Peasantry, nobility, your former friends, your former family. Yes, even your own mother and father, for they are but geese that have lain golden eggs and have chosen to remain geese in all other ways. So abandon them, young apprentice. Abandon them all, for one day it may be your task to destroy them. For although man is the most complex of animals, it is also the most dangerous. It consumes and is never satisfied. It grows and is never finished. That is why we must contain them. Herd them like the cattle they are. These cities we build are their prisons. Their stables… and one day it may be time for the slaughter.

However, apprentice, do not be forlorn with this knowledge. Rejoice for you have risen above your stock. Your once insignificant existence has blossomed into something far greater. Welcome to the inner circle.

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