On Wolves

To my Lady Delphine LeBlanc, and her seneschal, Teles LeBlanc,

I present my conclusions as Reeve of Wolves, after much discussion with the folk of the town.

My lady, your son and those few other children who were convinced by the pack’s promises of strength have been brought back into the fold by the courageous words and actions of Auriane LeBlanc, Colibri Jovienne, and Friar Henri. Auriane has suggested, and I agree, that the children of the town be selected for apprenticeship to help them grow, and to keep them out of trouble. I and many others have offered to teach them what we know. I offer that this is an important step to avoiding such problems of undue influence in the future.

Pascal’s daughter Esmé remains with the wolves, and must be rescued yet. To my understanding, his wife long ago promised her daughter as collateral against a bargain with the crone of the pack. The wolves believe that she belongs to them because of this, and are likely keeping her against her will but in no danger. I would recommend Pascal Rocheaux be involved officially and perhaps even made Armiger in this matter, as the risk is to be his should we fail.

Some in the town are willing to treat the wolves as just another hazard of the wood, and say that those who enter the forest after dark take their lives into their own hands. That nature red in tooth and claw is simply the way of things. While I agree that the deep wood will always be dangerous to the folk of the town, we cannot simply throw up our hands and do nothing. I will not make any person of Luisant face the dark alone.

When a hunter is mauled by a bear, do we shrug and say that she should have been more careful? No. We venture into the wood and hunt the bear.

When a party is robbed by bandits upon the road, do we shrug and say the roads are dangerous and that this is the way of it? No. We venture forth and capture those bandits, or kill them in the attempt.

When an herbalist is attacked by a troll in the hinterland, do we shrug and say that trolls are inevitable? No. We venture forth with steel and fire to end a threat that may hurt more.

Why should we treat these werewolves any differently? I will not throw up my hands and say that occasional werewolf attacks are acceptable. These folk with the hearts of wolves are predators, and they will never hold to whatever bargains they have made with the Circle. They will continue pushing until they are confronted.

Silver and steel and holy fury against those who would hurt our own. That is my recommendation.

My Lady, I await your further command.

Gérard Rocheaux
Captain of the Guard, Reeve of Wolves

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