On Wills and Testaments

Citizens and residents of Stragosa!

We live in a time of both possibility and danger. As we have sadly witnessed this past Forum, any among us may meet an unexpected end. Though Stragosa possesses the unique gift of the Miracle, its powers are limited, and hard decisions must always be made. Ultimate authority over the use of this gift is invested in the Rulership, but such decisions may be made with greater confidence if the desires of the fallen are known.

To this end, Mother Superior Xyandriel of the Lurihim exhorts all to consider carefully their wishes, and to make preparations by recording a Will and registering it with the Lurihim, who oversee matters of both life and death. In addition to the customary contents of a Will, you are encouraged to include your opinions and desires on the matter of the Miracle. These shall be delivered to the Rulership in the case of your demise.

In support of this endeavour, and so as to distribute the effort of recording, the Scriveners of Stragosa offer their services – to notarize Wills, and to write Wills at the dictation of those who are not literate. There will be no charge for this service.

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