More positions available

In her capacity as Magistrate of the Church District, Lady Alexandra Gale is seeking persons interested in serving in one of the following positions, in order of priority:
Executioner-must be trained in the application of force to obtain compliance (Intimidate 2)
Stockkeeper-must have trained their body to resist disease and physical strain (grit 2)
Impresario-must be trained in the ways of creative performance (Performance 3) and money management (Mercentile 1)
Papermiller-must be knowledgeable in the production of paper (Papermilling advanced study)

Additionally, Lady Gale is seeking farmers for her land parcel beginning in Spring. She is also announcing the availability of her forest lands for the use of hunters and foresters beginning in Spring. Please notify Lady Gale of your desire to work on her lands and to reach an agreement on share of products.

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  1. Alonzo whispers amongst the performers. “I used to run that theater. Being the Impresario has its benefits. If you have plays that you want performed, this is the place for you. One playwright can change Stragosa if that playwright is audacious and perspicacious.”

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