Love and Duty 9: Horrors of War

In a forest clearing, the knight watched as Captain Franco moved to another pair of wounded marines. Like many in the camp, the soldiers were slumped on the ground, their despair visible even from where the knight stood. Her own appearance must have been just as pitiful with her once bright heraldry torn to shreds, pieces of leather armor barely holding together and face caked in grime and dried blood.

From an outside observer, this scene would look more like a refugee camp than the site of an experienced army. No tents had been setup for the men and women were too weary from the consecutive battles and following route that they couldn’t raise the energy to assemble more than a few lean-tos for the many wounded. With a great internal motivational effort, the knight located a piece of only relatively dirty cloth to wipe some of the grime from her face. After smearing off what she cold, the knight made her way to the captain who happened to be near the center of the camp.

“Ascoltami, soldati of House Scordato, il no, my fratelli e sorelle in arms! As I walked the camp, I see in your eyes the same fear that would take me from the horrors we fought on this day. We must not forget that we might have lost many of our comrades and friends this day but we blooded the great enemy. Just like we did during the battle of Tusk Groove. For today we stood, fought and died not for personal glory nor riches but for the sake of a greater humanity. Today was not a defeat but a victory against the taint that plagues this land. We fight for the sake of our glorious empire! We fight for the dream that Holy Benalus gave his very life so that we may be here this day to build a greater, purer world!”

With practiced skill, she drew her sword.

“Do not give into the enslaving fear and bloodlust of Kuarl for I swear this to each of you here and now my amici. I, Dana Isabella Scordato, will see that we avenge the fallen.”

She had not expected cheers nor did she receive any but she could tell that the air of dread suffocating the camp had begun to lift. In time, her soldiers would begin to forget the horrors of this day and return to their dice, cards and drinking games. With a quick nod to Captain Franco, Isabella left to take care of a familial matter.

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