Little Secrets

“You’re an animal!”

His shoulders just find of slumped in defeat and his head lowered slightly.

“You don’t deserve to be with anyone.”

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him look this defeated before. Even when we were both laying on the floor unsure we would ever stand up again there was still a fire in him. Anger wells up inside of me soon to boil outward.

My mind wandered back to his dream, his constant worries, his confessions to me. He was right, his father was right. IF we managed to live through killing a Witchking I would probably die from a disease he gave me. We would probably be old decades from now, but it would happen.

But… I think that’s okay. I think just a few years would be okay. It would be enough. For me. I’m not sure it will be for him. And I think just for a moment that maybe it’d be best to let him pull away at these words his father yelled at him. Maybe if I withdraw just slightly in this moment he will spare himself this inevitable pain.

I will never abandon you.

And I’m not sure I could. I couldn’t keep these secrets myself. I wouldn’t be able to feel this separate and continue onward. Above all I mean what I say to him, you deserve whatever you want.

So I take your hand in mine…

The light barely shines through the window and I’m still tired from being tossed around by giant rats. I slowly get out of bed careful not to wake him and yawn in front of the mirror my eyes darker than normal. As I study myself blood drips from my nose. I wipe it away and stare down at my hand for a moment almost unsure of what to do. I should probably find Isabel or Henri but honestly I think it’ll be fine.

‘I have something I need to handle alone. I’ll be back tomorrow. Tell everyone I love them when they get up.
– Cadence’

The note flutters under the vase on the table as the door quietly swings shut.

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