Lady Thora Kreuzmoor

I regret that I cannot seriously name my choice for the most worthy successor to the Owl’s Nest for she will not be here long, nor has she expressed an interest, nor has she any specific claim. But while others speak for Nadia or Ambrose by linguistic technicality (“live as IF he were a peasant”) or a council of bandits, I cannot think of anyone more qualified or inspiring as a leader. Here is the pinnacle of nobility in her prime who retains the dark beauty of her youth while having mastered the poise and experience of age.

I cannot deny that thoughts of joining her retinue, especially if she were unable to leave this place, have flitted through my mind every time I think of her and the future. While her lands and ways are undoubtedly foreign, she speaks with the refinement of the Gothic elite. Her keep probably has books and polished stone and soft black beds and I hope one day to visit it.

And beyond the aesthetics she listens and speaks with education, confidence and understanding. When presented with the fallacies inherent in the Beauchenes initial offer, she immediately sought compromise while ensuring that her people’s needs were still met. When presented with the demands of a bandit rabble and hate-fueled false priest, she answered eloquently and without anger.

If ever there was a true soul of nobility, it inhabits her body, and we are fortunate to be graced by her presence even for a little while. I dearly hope that her daughter was raised similarly and might someday reach such greatness if she is to be the one who rules us.

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