Guild Vermogen

This guild is known for their ability to find and distribute goods in both bulk and private quantities. They are also particularly well known for their subtlety in maneuvering markets to their advantage. Getting the best they can out of what they are able to compile. Anyone know that if you seek to work through the Vermogen that you will be accorded a fair market price, but that they will also benefit from your transaction. They are a middle man merchant guild buying and selling various goods of differing quantities from one party to another. They will often take a contract to locate goods of a certain type and quality knowing that their knowledge of markets and economics as well as research into current market trends will garner a much better price than if a client tried to do so themself.They are also known for procuring ludicrously good deals on goods for themselves, and then in turn selling at a fair market value, thus making large sums of capitol. They are in turn the essence of the middle man, and they are very very good at it.

Guild Master:

Reiner Einhart – Johannes is an older man, and has been in the merchant/economics game for quite some time. He has helped to make cities prosper with his trade wisdom and has used his knowledge to be the ruin of many a business and even a lord or two. He has a reputation of being just shy of ruthless. Efficient and often sterile in his business exchanges and endeavors Reiner prefers to keep things professional rather than personal. For all that proceeds him Reiner is not cruel. He has been known to take care of his own with a loyalty that is commendable, and has even been known to donate to charities from time to time. Reiner cares for his community and his guild members and seeks to better them both.

Guild Officers:

Johannes Adlar – Johannes is the officer that is in charge of gathering intel on other businesses and what the market current needs are. He is a competent business man, and enjoys the finer things in life. He is an only child and has a bit of a chip on his shoulder. He also had a fling with Adelle that sometimes rears its head and causes problems.

Adelle Muller – Adelle is the officer in charge of following current market trends in the area and setting pricing brackets for the guild. Adelle wishes she had never given Johannes the time of day, but alas such is life. She is still professional with him in regards to guild duties, but avoids him otherwise. She is a dutiful woman and takes her role in the guild very seriously. She is the one most likely to take over the guild after Reiner steps down, but Gerda is a close second.

Gerda Schafer – Gerda is the officer in charge of internal logistics for the guild. In terms of Gothics Gerda wears her emotions on her sleeve. She will sometimes openly show how she is feeling and forgetting herself, but soon composes herself. Gerda sometimes get jealous of Adelle and her success and favoritism in the guild. She does not let this show and keeps it inside, but her jealousy sometimes guides her actions.

Masters in the Guild:

Franze Koch – Franze has recently become a master in the guild and is the newest member to this rank. Others find him enjoyable and seek out his company. He works well with others, and makes the best of situations. Is a hard worker. Gets along with most everyone in the guild. He even tries to find the best in Erwin. He thinks Adelle would make a fine leader, and that Gerda brings her own strengths to the guild. Secretly he think Johannes is stuck up.

Erwin Schmidt – Where as Franze is enjoyable and a hard worker Erwin avoids work and is kind of a pain to be around. He has been a master for sometime and finds it a personal affront that he hasn’t been made an officer. He would most likely would have been kicked out by now, if he wasn’t so damned good at his job, and he is a damned good merchant. He secretly longs for Ina.

Hartwin Fischer – Before he joined the guild Hartwin was a farmer. He was personally recruited by Reiner due to his business acumen in selling his produce. Hartwin is prone to drinking in excess but is a kind hearted man who doesn’t hold a grudge, though he doesn’t particularly care for that Erwin fellow, and think the Heidi is sometimes kind of a jerk. Thinks Johannes is stuck up, but appreciates his business Acumen.

Heidi Mayer – Heidi has always loved talking to people, especially when that involved talking people into things. Whether it was a bet, prank, deal, or scheme Heidi has always been adept at convincing people to do what she thinks is good idea. Though she is rarely cruel with her abilities she does enjoy causing antics to ensue and has been chastised in the guild for it at least twice. Her favorite targets of this are Franze and Erwin.

Ina Wagner – Ina is a reserved woman, even by Gothic standards. She rarely shows any emotion in public. Her and Heidi are often at odds because Heidi tries convincing her of things and Ina just stares at her. Ina thinks that Erwin singles her out for his misery, and picks on her more than others because he is threatened by her aptitude, and she is quite skilled in the realms of commerce. Even from a young age she has understood the flow a sale and the trends of a market. Wishes she could be a little more like Gerda.

Isaak Becker – Isaak is a man that tries to do his job as well as he can and go home at the end of the day. He doesn’t really care about fame or glory, he just wants to do his job the best he can and go home to his wife at the end of the day. While he gets along with most people in the guild farely well he has a loathing for Hartwin because Hartwin made untoward advances toward his wife one night in a tavern. Isaak took great a offense to this and has not let go of it. He does not actively undermine Hartwin, but he certainly doesn’t do him any favors. He avoids Heidi when he can, but enjoys Ina well enough.

Journeymen –

Jakob – Jakob is an even keeled man who keeps to himself. His best friend is Isaak Becker, but he holds no grudge for his friends advancement in the guild. In fact he admires him, and wishes him the best. Jakob once worked with Joseph on a job that took them to Hestralia, and has refused to work with the man since. No one knows what happened between them.

Joseph – Joseph is stoic man of his word. Dutiful and loyal, but slightly gruff in demeanor he gets the job done right the first time. Since the trip the Hestralia with Jakob, Joseph has a tendency to keep to himself despite wanting to spend more time with Karla, who he has been pining over for about a year now.

Karla – Karla always has her loved ones back. She will stick up for them when needed and would fight for them when necessary. She is a tenacious worker and hopes to be an Officer of the guild someday. Joseph likes to think he keeps his feelings well hidden but Karla sees them for what they are, if only he were younger she would probably marry him. Karla once challenged another Journeyman named Kaspar to a drinking contest and drank him under the table. She has since gained a mild reputation as a lush.

Kaspar- Kaspar is pious man, and is sure to attend church every Saturday, and many days between. He does however enjoy a good stiff drink from now and then, and can often be seen going to atonement for such small acts of gluttony. He is still embarrassed about the incident with Karla even though it happened over 2 years ago. For all his Piety though Kaspar cannot seem to find it in him to forgive Lars for his offense toward him.

Lars – In his younger years Lars was a bit of spit-fire. He gambled and participated in some rather unsavory hobbies before turning back to the straight and narrow. Not the least of which was having a romantic affair with the fiance of another man. That man was Kaspar. Now guild mates Lars tries to make it up to him but Kaspar will have none of it. Luckily Lars has found a true friend who looks past his previous indiscretions. That friends is Laura.

Laura – Laura is a cunning sales woman, and has been able to close many deals. She strives to be a good and pious woman, but understands that she is only human. As such she is not one to judge others, and appreciates when people are trying to be better than they were, which is why she became such fast friends with Lars, and why she has such a hard time getting along with that judgemental woman Magda.

Magda – Magda strives for perfection in everything she does. This has earned her a reputation as being stuck up and a control freak. Many people find her abrasive, especially Laura, but Magda shrugs it off as them squandering their gifts through laziness. The only exception is her dear Markus. Markus always tries his best, though it is rarely good enough. The two fell in love quickly after meeting and were married shortly after.

Markus – Markus is a man who seeks to be better than he is, and appreciates that his wife Magda pushes him hard to be so. Though sometimes he worries that she finds his attempts futile, which is why Markus sometimes suffers from depression; wallowing in the knowledge that his wife will never think he is good enough. If it wasn’t for his friend Benjamin Markus would be in dire straights indeed. Benjamin brings back Markus’s youth and reminds him to live life a little bit sometimes, which is why Magda disapproves of him.


Benjamin – Benjamin enjoys life as much as he can while still being dutiful in getting his work done. He is prone to drink and having a good time, which is why his good friend Markus’s wife Magda hates him. But he could care less, he doesn’t have time for people who don’t have time for him. He hopes someday to find true love and live happily ever after. He hopes that person is Michael, at least for this month.

Michael – Michael is man who everything he is into everything he does. Gothics are not known for their passions, and Michael is as stoic as the next, but passion burns bringt and hot under the cold exterior. Michael loves the thrill closing a sale or making a trade contract. He appreciates the finer things in life, but doesn’t snub the rougher things either. He gets along well with his friends Niclaus and Benjamin

Niclaus – Niclaus tries to show his friends the path of the straight and narrow by leading by example and by being close enough to steer them straight when they need it. Niclaus works hard and helps his friends Michael and Benjamin when needed. He longs for Nina, who doesn’t know it.

Nina – Nina enjoys small talk and keeps things reserved and professional while at work. When she is not on a job for the guild though she likes to loosen up a bit. Sometimes this gets her in trouble and can lead to atonements from time to time. She has eyes for several men in the guild including Niclaus and Oskar.

Oskar – Oskar is a hopeless romantics and would love nothing more than sweeping a fair maiden off her feet and winning her hand in marriage. Often subject of his affection is Nina, which causes tension for him and Niclaus, but he also keeps an eye out for other potential suiting options, such as Rachel. He writes poetry and comprises ballads in honor of women’s beauty in his spare time

Rachel – Rachel is a staunch woman who cares for her craft and the church. She is a regular at many church services, but does enjoy to let loose every once in awhile. She makes sure to atone for any transgressions as soon as possible and does her best to help her friend Sibylle.

Sibylle – Sibylle’s tale is one of sorrow. Sibylle was married at a young age to a knight errant, and thought that her life would turn over a new leaf only to have her new husband slain in battle and have the family accuse her of being a jump start money grubbing strumpet. Her name was tarnished but she found work where she could until she ran into Gerda, who took pity on her and has offered her an apprenticeship in the guild. She quickly made friends with Rachel who has helped Sibylle get back on her feet, for which Sibylle is unendingly grateful.

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