Glasmalerei Guildmaster Goswin Schubert

Guildmaster of Glasmalerei Guild of Rosenberg

Guildmaster Goswin Schubert known to be an incredibly pious and kindly man, whose father was a lowly shoemaker.

Goswin was born in Rosenberg to Ernst and Elke Schubert. Ernst was a kindly and generous man who took great pride is his craft. Young Goswin dutifully followed his father’s instruction and by the age of 9 was of considerable skill. His hands were not yet strong enough but his agile mind compensated. He described tools and implements which would help him to compensate for it. His father commissioned a blacksmith friend to make a couple of them to humor his son. To Ernst’s amazement they worked as Goswin had described. Although it took him longer than a more experienced apprentice, is results were of very high quality.

Ernst praised his son at guild meetings and several older members started using the implements to help them as the strength had started to leave their own hands. Rumors of the young prodigy drifted in Merchant circles and eventually reached the ears of Guild Master Monika Weber, who was then the Guildmaster of the Glasmalerei. She knew Ernst to be a humble, and devout man. If he was moved to such praise then there might be more to it.

Guildmaster Weber, often attended convocation in peasants garb. The purpose was twofold. Firstly, that she might be able to remove the mantle of office and focus on spiritual matters for a time, secondly to be better positioned to hear the voice of the people unfiltered by their compulsion to respect her office. She had been keeping a watch on young Goswin when an event unfolded that would forever change his life.

On this day, Guildmaster Weber had decided to follow 12 year old Goswin home. She did so from a distance so as to remain unobserved. It was a difficult rainy season and the streets were a muddy mess. A peasant woman, heavy with child, tripped in the middle of the street. As expected, young Goswin hurried over to assist her. As he helped her up, he politely asked how she fared. She said she was well and thanked him. Young Goswin looked at her feet. Her muddied toes poked out through worn shoes. Goswin asked her if she’d do him a favor and she replied that of course she would. He then proceeded to remove his own boots and asked if he could have hers.

“I could never young master,” said the woman.

Goswin replied, “Please ma’am. It’s not just a matter of charity. I’ve never seen their like. I’m a shoemaker’s apprentice and i’d they’ve given me an idea.”

The woman eventually relented and blessed him as she walked away with a fine new pair of boots.
As Goswin started off home, barefoot and with worn shoes in hand, the disguised Guildmaster stopped him.
“young man, why did you trick that woman into taking your shoes?”

Goswin studied her for a moment and then responded, “the almighty calls us to be charitable and help one another. It was not simply a trick ma’am. I provided her with a compelling argument that was based in truth. Seeing her shoes did create an idea, for a simple shoe, that would be more readily afforded by those with less coin. I can’t estimate the value of that idea, as i have yet to put it into practice. I wanted to repay her, and she’s a poor woman with child. I assessed my boots to be both something she needed and fair trade. I have other shoes, a walk home in the water will remind me of the blessed life i lead never having wanted as does that good woman. Although my father will at first be displeased he is a good man, and might have done something similar were he present. I feel confident that it will be well. In the end, if nothing else I feel that i have at least attempted to honor to the leonem I wear about my neck.”

The Guildmaster smiled, and said, “you seem to be a good hearted young man.”

Goswin then replied by saying, “May I ask you a question … ma’am?”

the Guildmaster then smiled and replied, “of course. I have pried into your moment, there is no reason I should not return the same.”

Goswin then assured his position as an apprentice under her direct tutelage by saying, “Why does a woman of your station pretend to be poor?”

Taken aback she responded, “how is that then?”

“Well m’lady, your hands are rough as one who works, but there are the ink stains of one who often writes, or likely signs, documents on your fingertips. The ring on your right small finger is diminutive, but of goodly value. A memento I suppose. Though tarnished, your Leonem is of outstanding craftsmanship, and your meticulous enunciation is of one who speaks often and well. You smell of summer flowers and your clothes though of poor quality are very clean. Lastly, i point to your shoes, the topic of our previous discourse. My father’s work is better, but Master Klines work is very highly regarded and demands a high price,” he said.
The feat of mental acuity might have been enough, but the fact that the boy’s tone was not one of chastisement, or denigration at all. He was simply, being inquisitive and denoting the things that had caught his eye.

“I am Guildmaster Monika Weber, and I have a desire to make you my apprentice.”

Goswin replied, “I see. I’d like to finish the work on these new shoes, for the people, first and then, of course, my father must approve. It’s a great honor and I suppose we both know he’d agree,” he smiled, “thank you for the opportunity Guildmaster.”

The story of Goswin’s giving the unknown woman his shoes is well known. Although it is retold that the Guildmaster happened across him by chance, and the subsequent conversation is known to only a very few.
Guildmaster Goswin Schubert rose slowly through the ranks of the Glasmalerei Guild. His relationship with Guildmaster Weber grew throughout this time. Often they were referred to as the Mother and Son (of the Guild). In her last decade of service he was her right hand and he transitioned smoothly into his position.

In his time he has innovated several aspects of the Guild’s work. Not only refining processes at the higher end of the spectrum, but also creating a much easier to produce product that is more readily accessible to lords of lesser means. He is much loved both within the guild and throughout Rosenberg.
He has continued the tradition of attending convocation in unassuming clothing, and it has become a common practice throughout the guild.

Although he has had several apprentices during his career with the guild itself, he has not selected one since the passing of his dear friend Guildmaster Monika Weber.

Since becoming Guildmaster he has spent 1 week, every 3 months, with the Cyanihim Order of the Sacred Glass.

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